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Jess works with forward-thinking organisations to help them disrupt their structures in positive ways that create a brighter tomorrow. The Board Readiness experience is based on five face-to-face half day workshops spread across 4 months.





Benefits of the Board Readiness Experience:


  • Create your own individual board ready roadmap
  • Discover and practice tools to negotiate your board journey
  • A focus on pragmatic and immediately actionable skills and tools
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, sharing insights and learnings
  • Be inspired and engaged with access to advice, experience and strategies to guide and support you


Transform your talent and leadership agenda with the Pathway to Your Potential™ Board Readiness program




Transform your talent and leadership agenda with the Pathway to Your Potential™ Board Readiness program

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We strongly recommend registration for the whole Board Ready experience as it is an iterative process and with this in mind offer a discount for the full program. 




Full Board Ready Experience registration - $3500 p/p (five half day workshops)

Session 1 - 3 registration - $995 p/p per half day workshop

Session 1
 – Building your Leadership Presence and Brand


Two half days


Equips Participants with the tools and insights to grow their professional impact and successfully identify and build their own authentic individual brand.




Day 1

  • Completion of Clarity4D personality profile and 2D feedback to assist participants to identify and develop their potential, support the development of constructive and open relationships, and better understand how to adapt their approach to build rapport and influence key stakeholders both in networking, campaigning and around the boardroom table
  • Understanding self and others to facilitate the development of key skills in listening and constructively challenging those with different perspectives
  • Receiving input on how we are perceived by others and how to adapt approaches to champion new ideas and drive initiatives to ensure maximum effectiveness

Day 2


  • The impact of first impressions, conscious and unconscious bias and how to work to your advantage
  • Bridging the gap between what you are known for and what you want to be known for as well as WHO they are Vs WHAT they do
  • Articulation of values and behaviours to be displayed to grow leadership presence and build your individual brand
  • Creation of a leadership presence, brand and impact plan based on learning
  • Committing to self to seize the opportunity, committing to others to showcase individual readiness

Session 2 – Networking to Build Opportunity Base 


Half day


Equips participants to enhance their influence, developing tools and confidence to grow networks and relationships with people that matter and realise their potential in a way that suits their style.



  • Identify and implement the process for planning their networking approach customised to their own individual strengths and values
  • Identify and implement the process for growing their network strategically, in support of their campaign
  • Understand the way to connect with key stakeholders and the importance of achieving support of key influencers and effective rapport to best suit their context
  • Reframing their current mindset and positively articulating why networking, campaigning and influencing is both positive and critical to achieve objectives 

How board ready are you?

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Session 3 – Negotiating to Influence 

Half day


Equips participants with the tools, confidence and resilience to make decisions and move strategically in their Board career, whilst concurrently addressing live issues in a Board context.



  • Understand the circles of concern, influence and control and the role each plays in achieving career and Board goals
  • Create a personal decision making framework and apply it to decision-making in board career context (negotiating with yourself to take the opportunity)
  • Empower participants with the confidence and tools to negotiate, express their views and assert their goals from a non-executive mindset (as opposed to executive mindset)
  • Adopting a strategic mindset to underpin the ability to identify and respond to opportunities 
  • Build the resilience crucial to facing challenges and risks in board nomination and participation
  • Influence stakeholders by proactively demonstrating readiness by developing solutions to existing Board issues and opportunities 

Session 4 – Putting it into practice: ‘Real play with role play’


Half day  


Equips participants with the practical application, live feedback and awareness of behaviours to effectively participate with maximum impact and engagement.



  • Implementation of skills and capabilities built in previous sessions
  • Identify behaviours and protocols that support or impede interactions and effective contribution in the boardroom, based on post-work from previous sessions
  • ‘Chatham House Rules’ conversation with an ASX20 listed company non-executive director with insights and practical tips to build credibility and influence at the table that builds collegiate relationships whilst maintaining independent viewpoints. 
  • Role play simulation/mock boardroom scenarios to increase confidence to truly ‘have a voice’ at the boardroom table
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