Transforming your organisation design, developing integrated operating models, and embedding new ways of working to deliver on strategic plans.  

Businesses are reinventing in response to COVID-19. As the nature of work becomes increasingly fluid – who does it and where, when and how it is completed – organisations need to become future ready. Focusing on how value is created and translating that understanding into a fit for purpose structure, alongside integrating more flexible and sustainable business practices are the keys to helping companies address today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges.


According to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2021 study, defining future workforce needs and/or restructuring will be Australian companies’ top priority for investment in 2021. In addition, over half of Australian companies want to increase alignment between structures (methods, processes, and systems) and culture (values and behaviours). 


Clearly, businesses across all industries and locations are reinventing in response to COVID-19. As the nature of work and the concept of a job becomes increasingly fluid organisations need to become future ready. We have now reached a point where fundamental change is required in organisations; incremental changes will not be enough.  If done well, the hard work will translate into significant business impact and growth.

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How Mercer can help


We will help you design and implement the right organisation structure, governance frameworks and operating model to cost-effectively and efficiently support your business strategy, unleash the productivity and creativity of your talent, and drive agility.


We combine our extensive knowledge of industry trends and external environmental changes with an in-depth analysis of your current context, drivers, and challenges to design a solution tailored to your organisation’s individual needs and objectives. Effective implementation is vital to the success of any change management process and we will look at short, medium and long-term implementation and communication planning to engage your workforce and gain buy-in from key stakeholders.


By doing this, you will be able to answer and effectively solve for the following questions:

  • What are the emerging agile organisation design practices and can our organisation benefit from these?
  • What changes can I make to the design of my organisation to make it more efficient or collaborative?
  • What strategies are needed to bridge from the current to the future structure?
  • What challenges are impacting the success of our current operating model?
  • What new ways of working do we need to consider?
  • How can I bring my workforce on the transformation journey?

      We pride ourselves on our partnership approach to co-design the best solution with you, using our local and global expertise, methodologies and data.      

Why partner with us


  • We partner with clients every step of the transformation journey.
  • We have over 20 years of global experience delivering exceptional outcomes through organisation design and implementation, and strategic workforce planning.
  • Our expertise covers many industry sectors, with knowledge about job architecture and roles, as well as business and labour market challenges.
  • Our pragmatic working style and focus on knowledge transfer, helps our clients reduce their time to implementation.
  • We have an experienced and recognised national team.




Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with organisations within the Pacific and worldwide to design and plan workforces to be agile for change. Let us help you develop your workforce by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Through asking challenging questions and analysing our rich breadth of data, we partner with you to design and develop robust organisation structures aimed at accelerating your business objectives.

Develop your future-of-work strategy and operating model, including your organisation’s design, governance and frameworks.

Align your business values, context and operating environment through your employees, as well as detailed benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.


Identify and act upon cultural risks to build a powerful employee listening model.

Map out your needs and develop strategies to transform and improve effectiveness across your organisation.

Detailed planning and integration, specifically in projects to do with M&A and change management.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.



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