Enabling real insight through data and analytics to develop strategic solutions in organisational planning.


Workforce Analytics has been around for some time, yet real progress has been slow. We’ve found that the analytics are often too simple to even start to understand the link between employees and business success. 


Mercer with Human Capital Media globally surveyed HR professionals and found that high workforce analytics aspirations were paired with few attempts to achieve them. As few as 31% of respondents believe that they have been highly or even moderately successful using workforce analytics, and a mere 9% indicated that they use predictive analytics often.


What’s holding HR back? The top three roadblocks were technology to integrate data (54%), analytics skills in HR (52%), and management experience to effectively use analytics data (48%).


We know that the most successful companies in the world draw clear and measurable links between their workforce investments and results. What are the critical questions we need answered with data, and what decisions will be made based on these answers? How can analytics be used to unlock the potential of your people?



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What’s holding HR back?

The top three roadblocks were technology to integrate data (54%), analytics skills in HR (52%), and management experience to effectively use analytics data (48%).
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– Mercer with Human Capital Media survey

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How Mercer can help


Mercer works with organisations to optimise their workforce analytics practices to deliver real strategic insights and ignite action that leads to change. 


These are some of the ways we can partner with you to develop your workforce analytics effectiveness:



1. “Help me embed and sustain effective workforce analytics within my organisation”

Ongoing effective use of workforce analytics will help drive key decision making capability with your executive team. We work with organisations to identify and embed effective, self-sustaining workforce analytics practices, including the following areas:


  • Conduct discovery workshops to help you identify the critical workforce and business questions that you want to solve for, 
  • Conduct data audits and create the right data architecture to support your future and ongoing analytics process,
  • Select and deploy analytics and data technology, 
  • Understand employment drivers of business success and design and implement key metrics and data storytelling for your organisation (as well as ongoing process to support timely reporting of these metrics),
  • Facilitating analytics training for your HR and BI teams: Mercer's workforce analytics workshop series provides HR and business professionals with a proven approach and practical guidance of how to use data to make a real difference to how your organisation manages your workforce.


2. “Help me plan my future workforce and make impactful people initiatives”

In addition to services that enable you to embed effective workforce analytics practices into your organisation, we can also use disciplined analytics, planning and predictive modelling to help you address specifically critical workforce management issues and develop data-driven talent strategies to support business needs.


We can help you gain actionable insights through:

Foundational workforce analysis (internal workforce maps)

Diagnose your internal workforce dynamics – how employees flow into, through, and out of your organisation.


External workforce market analysis

Look beyond your existing workforce today to quantify talent availability and understand external labour trends and forecast into areas in which you currently, or plan to operate.


Workforce planning & future of work analysis

Plan for your organisation’s future by assessing your current labour supply against anticipated future demand to identify any critical gaps that need to be proactively addressed.


Organisational network analysis 

Go under the hood and get a deeper understanding of the how your diversity and inclusion, innovation and people initiatives are really impacting your workforce. Organisational network analysis looks at understanding relationships that drive behaviour and the invisible patterns of information flow and collaboration within your organisation. 


Diversity and inclusion analysis

Using our internal workforce market analysis we can drill further into how talent dynamics and root cause drivers differ across employee groups to support more targeted diversity & inclusion strategies and solutions.


Pay equity analysis

Consistently assess the current state of pay equity, by gender and race, across your entire organisation and test the impact of remediation strategies using a robust statistical approach.


Employee engagement analysis

Turn your engagement results into actionable insights through conjoint analysis.


Our team of dedicated experts can assist your organisation in developing tailored workforce planning and design solutions to suit your organisation.

Using our expertise and analytical insights from local and global data means we can help you to develop a robust organisational structure.

Why partner with us


  • Mercer offers expert knowledge and experience in strategic workforce planning and workforce analytics.
  • Proven ability to design and deliver practical content and programmes.
  • Ability to incorporate broader talent and reward experience and understanding to the workforce planning outcomes.
  • Delivery focus on knowledge transfer and coaching.
  • Developed methodologies, know-how and tools based on over 20 years of research and client experience.
  • Benchmark your analytics with a rich database of compensation and benefits benchmarking, analytics and insights with over 450,000 data points and 30+ compensation and benefits surveys.




Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with organisations within the pacific and worldwide to design and plan workforces to be agile for change. Let us help you develop your workforce by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Through asking challenging questions and analysing our rich breadth of data, we partner with you to design and develop robust organisation structures aimed at accelerating your business objectives.

Develop your future-of-work strategy and operating model, including your organisation’s design, governance and frameworks.

Align your business values, context and operating environment through your employees, as well as detailed benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.


Identify and act upon cultural risks to build a powerful employee listening model.

Map out your needs and develop strategies to transform and improve effectiveness across your organisation.

Detailed planning and integration, specifically in projects to do with M&A and change management.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.



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