Transforming an organisations HR deparment to improve business effectiveness.


Human Resources can’t expect to keep up with a changing world by standing still. HR professionals need to equip their operations, and themselves, to function in a rapidly changing global environment. 


HR transformation is necessary in a changing global business environment. How can core HR processes like recruitment, succession, and performance management be made more efficient and effective? How can HR become a valuable business partner, central to strategy discussions? It’s all part of HR transformation.


The world today is requiring a new kind of HR and these are just some of the key drivers of change:


A leaner team: Employee service centres, self-service and enhanced technology — along with increased outsourcing of operations, strategy and design activities — will decrease the size of the HR function as organisations are pressured to do more with less.  We will see smaller staff sizes with clearly defined roles. Investments in HR will focus on closing the skill gaps in key areas.


Talent strategists: HR management will lead the strategic identification, development and retention of talent with simple and streamlined processes and systems. HR will guide managers in talent decisions, equipping them with a clear understanding of their key players through metrics and helping them determine the best course of action by modelling possible interventions and their implications. Data-driven insights will underpin success in this area. 


Innovation: HR will position itself to anticipate how work and employee relationships are changing, and will be the first to adapt and respond. HR leaders will change policies/programs and leverage strategic partnerships and technology to support the business. 


Technology leaders: HR leaders will understand and embrace technology with a willingness and ability to use data to drive business decisions.  HR will be ahead of the HR technology market and play the HR technology strategist role in close collaboration with IT.


Employee experience designers: HR will lead in applying B2C customer experience concepts to the employee experience in order to create an environment where your people want to come and do their best work, and stay. New capabilities in human-centred design and service design will become core to HR’s approach to servicing the organisation. 



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How Mercer can help


Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganisations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. But at Mercer, we don’t just want you to react to these issues — we want your HR team to be a high-performance HR of the future and become an essential business function leading the way in delivering business results. 


HR transformation isn’t a one-time event — it’s a journey. Let us help you:


  • Make your HR practice work for your business through HR effectiveness.
    • Detailed assessment of the current HR operating model.
    • Understanding of the future requirements of the HR function for it to meet the needs of the business.
    • Identification of the optimal HR operating model and organisational structure that enables strategic partnering with the business and excellence in service delivery.
    • Roles and skills needed to deliver the future operating model.


  • Build a stronger HR team through HR talent assessment and development. Our learning and training solutions designed to accelerate the development of HR professionals’ skills and competencies in areas such as:
    • Workforce planning and organisation design.
    • People analytics and change.
    • Employee experience design.
    • HR leadership capability development.
    • Performance & Rewards.
    • Talent Management.
    • Business Partnering.
    • Talent Acquisition.


  • Get more returns out of your human capital management investments through our advisory services for Workday and SAP.
  • Transition to a more efficient system with HR sourcing and technology, patch holes or completely revamp your existing technology. 


Why partner with us


Mercer has been at the forefront of HR thought leadership globally and in Australia for decades.  Through this journey, we have developed a wealth of in-depth functional knowledge and accumulated practical experience that has helped shape our points of view on the HR function of today and of the future.


  • Mercer has worked with many large organisations globally on HR transformation.
  • Mercer was awarded a position in the top category based on the depth, breadth, and client impact of our HR delivery strategy and model, HR sourcing advisory, HR software selection and HR process transformation offers.
  • Mercer’s expertise in HR transformation has been recognised by ALM Vanguard with ‘Leader’ status in the January 2018 HR Operations Consulting report. ALM Vanguard highlighted the following areas of strength differentiating Mercer from competitors:
    • Contemporary design-thinking approach to HR process transformation.
    • Consulting method ensures HR vision for organisation design, governance and service delivery enables the HR technology transformation.
    • Ongoing digitisation of consulting assets and tools.
    • Acquisitions that strengthen global delivery and analytics capabilities.
    • Alliance with our sister company Oliver Wyman to deliver the workforce for the future.




Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with organisations within the pacific and worldwide to design and plan workforces to be agile for change. Let us help you develop your workforce by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Through asking challenging questions and analysing our rich breadth of data, we partner with you to design and develop robust organisation structures aimed at accelerating your business objectives.

Develop your future-of-work strategy and operating model, including your organisation’s design, governance and frameworks.

Align your business values, context and operating environment through your employees, as well as detailed benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.


Identify and act upon cultural risks to build a powerful employee listening model.

Map out your needs and develop strategies to transform and improve effectiveness across your organisation.

Detailed planning and integration, specifically in projects to do with M&A and change management.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.



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