Evolving your HR function to optimise effectiveness and deliver value.

HR is long overdue for an overhaul and the demand for transformation is higher today than ever. Recent workplace trends are putting more pressure on HR to demonstrate its value to the business. But process should follow purpose. HR needs to understand where it’s coming from before it can articulate a new people-first proposition. This demands an honest evaluation of today’s HR service portfolio and user experience along with tomorrow’s business needs. The key is balancing economics with empathy.

When it comes to priorities for the HR function, adapting to new ways of working is top of mind so HR teams will have to become more agile. Accelerating programmes for flexibility, hard-wiring culture into workforce transformation plans and HR’s digitalisation are also high up on the agenda.


Enhancing the employee experience is another key driver for HR transformation, which matters in the near and long term. Research from Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study shows energised employees are more resilient, more likely to stay, and more ready to reskill – all vital to helping businesses thrive.


So how can HR increase its impact?

  • By transforming talent practices – such as recruitment, succession and performance management - and ensuring HR operations support the business strategy.
  • By responding nimbly to change.
  • By delivering outstanding employee experiences that are people-focused and digitally enabled with the latest HR technologies.
Executive rewards and incentives

How can HR increase impact?

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Research from Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study shows energised employees are more resilient, more likely to stay, and more ready to reskill – all vital to helping businesses thrive.
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How Mercer can help


Mercer will help you understand what HR work is performed where, the relative cost and effectiveness of HR priorities, and the degree of alignment with business objectives. We can assist you with the design and implementation of new HR organisational operating models and structures aligned to your unique business needs and industry best practices. We can develop HR governance models to support your HR strategy as part of a broader HR transformation project or on a stand-alone basis. We can help you transition to a more efficient HR Information System and get more returns out of your human capital management investments through our advisory services and technology integration expertise for Workday, ServiceNow and SAP.



By investing in improving HR effectiveness and impact, you will be able to answer and effectively solve for the following questions:

  • How do we develop a business case for HR technology investments and assess our HR cloud-readiness?
  • How can we ensure our employee experience differentiates us, especially in the new world of blended work?
  • How can we evolve our HR function and service delivery model to fit with an agile work environment?
  • How do we inspire and engage our people through substantial change?

Why partner with us


Mercer has been at the forefront of HR thought leadership globally and in Australia for decades.  Through this journey, we have developed a wealth of in-depth functional knowledge and accumulated practical experience that has helped shape our points of view on the HR function of today and of the future.


Mercer has worked with many large organisations globally on HR transformation.


Mercer’s expertise in HR transformation differentiates us from our competitors, particularly in the following areas of strength:


  • Our wealth of in-depth functional knowledge and accumulated practical experience working with Public and Private sector HR functions in Australia and globally.
  • Our reputation as global leaders in HR transformation and operating model design. 
  • Our contemporary design-thinking approach to HR process transformation.
  • Our extensive tools and methodologies, tested over 20+ years.
  • Our commitment to knowledge transfer and collaborative design. 
  • Our data-driven approach to ensure design is aligned to business strategy and cost-effective.



Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with organisations within the Pacific and worldwide to design and plan workforces to be agile for change. Let us help you develop your workforce by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Through asking challenging questions and analysing our rich breadth of data, we partner with you to design and develop robust organisation structures aimed at accelerating your business objectives.

Develop your future-of-work strategy and operating model, including your organisation’s design, governance and frameworks.

Align your business values, context and operating environment through your employees, as well as detailed benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.


Identify and act upon cultural risks to build a powerful employee listening model.

Map out your needs and develop strategies to transform and improve effectiveness across your organisation.

Detailed planning and integration, specifically in projects to do with M&A, change management and associated communications.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.



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Workforce planning and organisation design

Design a workforce strategy that is future-focused by using deep analytics and insights to evolve your HR function to drive effectiveness and deliver an enhanced employee experience.

Workforce planning and organisation design

Deliver value, agility and sustainability by designing structures, operating models and ways of working aligned to your business strategy. 


Workforce analytics and insights

Understand future workforce skill, capability and experience needs through deep analysis and insights in order to develop people strategies that will help you transform. 

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