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The world of work has changed significantly, and organisations must adapt to survive. More than ever, businesses need an agile workforce strategy and organisation design that is able to meet both today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities. For most, this means significant transformation. For all, there is a renewed focus on people and ensuring the workforce has the capabilities and structures it needs to deliver future value and growth.


Mercer understands how business strategies and market forces need to drive the workforce agenda. We bring external data and expertise to help you design a proposition that will suit both your people and your stakeholders. We are passionate about helping HR teams become an essential business function seen as critical in delivering business results.


Workforce planning and organisation design

Deliver value, agility and sustainability by designing structures, operating models and ways of working aligned to your business strategy. 


Workforce analytics and insights

Understand future workforce skill, capability and experience needs through deep analysis and insights in order to develop people strategies that will help you transform. 


Select areas Mercer’s consulting covers

Workforce strategy

Determine critical roles and the talent needed to drive success. Formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps.

Change management and communications

Conduct change management planning and integration focused on moving key stakeholders from both entities.

Operating model

Develop your future strategy and operating model, including organisation design, governance and decision rights.


Identify cultural risks to deal objectives, and build a comprehensive integration strategy and operating environment.

Talent assessment, retention and onboarding

Maximise deal success by assessing talent, identifying and selecting leaders, and retaining critical employees.

HR technologies

Create the needed HR delivery platform to support strategic objectives.

How Mercer can help



Mercer partners with you to optimise your workforce strategy and deliver on business objectives. Let us help you address your most difficult workforce challenges by leveraging our deep workforce analytics and organisational design expertise as well as our global scale and insights.




Meet the Workforce Strategy and Design team


Dr Ben Haste

Dr Ben Haste
Organisation Practice Leader, Pacific

Ephraim Spehrer Patrick

Ephraim Patrick
Partner, Pacific

Ashani Seneviratne

Ashani Seneviratne
Principal, Pacific


Dr Ben Haste

Courtney Hughes-Lord 
Principal, Pacific

Ephraim Spehrer Patrick

Kate Whitehead 
Principal, Pacific

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