Benefits benchmarking specific to Australia


An effective benefits program goes a long way towards improving the employee experience, retaining top talent and establishing your brand in the market.


As the markets change, data is driving a shift towards new and personalised benefits. In the 2020 Australian Benefits Review, you will find continuing trends in wellness and health benefits, along with flexible working arrangements. Gauge what your people want, and how your organisation can respond. 



New data coming soon: changing benefits landscape

Whether it be flexibility on working hours, work locations or connectivity, the way we work has adapted in many ways over the last 12-months. 


The 2021 survey results are available 25 August. Speak to us today about purchasing the latest data to unpack the trending employee benefits for companies across Australia. 


Benefits benchmarking







About the Australian Benefits Review (ABR)


The 2021 edition of the Australian Benefits Review is the most comprehensive reference guide on all major HR policies and benefit practices in the market. The report is based on data from 370 Australian organisations from a broad spectrum of industries.

The Australian Benefits Review will provide you with the latest in benefits trends and insights.


  • Vehicles (benefit, tool of trade, physical cars and allowances).
  • Leave (parental, annual, purchased leave, personal and charity).
  • Wellness benefits (culture, practices, flexibility, working from home, childcare, health and wellness).
  • Retirement benefits (superannuation).
  • Insured employee benefits (Death/TPD, income protection, private health).
  • End of service (turnover and redundancies).
  • Allowances and perquisites (Overtime, shift, IT on call/call out, travel, phones, other).
  • Variable reward (bonuses, commissions, LTI, share purchase plans, Long term incentives, non-financial rewards).
  • Workforce planning.
  • Learning and development.
  • Total reward strategy (reward strategy, rem budgets, review elements, recruitment, referral/sign-on/retention bonuses.


About the ABR





Additional benefits of the review


By purchasing the Australian Benefits Review, you will also receive complimentary standard access to the survey database:


Mercer BenefitsMonitor™    

Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ is an interactive and user-centered online tool that offers a wide range of flexible and intuitive features for benefits reporting and analysis. With direct access to the database used to produce the Australian Benefits Review, 'standard' access to this tool allows you to: 

  • Conveniently compare companies' data versus the market

  • Select only the benefits you want to analyse for the levels required

  • Export your analysis into Excel.

For more information about Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ including premium access and pricing options, please visit the Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ webpage.



Additional ABR benefits

New research: trends & insights into employee benefits 


As organisations rapidly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, many had to quickly introduce or adapt their benefit and HR policies to support employees. It’s now time to move beyond the initial response phase.

To plan for the future workforce and business needs, it’s essential to review benefits and HR policies, and organisations must ensure they are adaptable, sustainable and innovative. The executive summary highlights the key findings for wellbeing, wealth and career, and how businesses should be redesigning their benefits review now.



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Learn more about Mercer's Australian Business Review (ABR) and how you can participate with Mercer's salary benchmarking surveys.


  • Product overview


    Product overview

    Product Overview


    In the 2020 report you will also find continuing trends in wellness and health benefits, along with flexible working arrangements.

    In addition to the report, data can be accessed through Mercer BenefitsMonitor. Standard access is complimentary, however you can run peer groups and access detailed benefits reports through the premium version.


  • Product details


    Product details

    Product Details

    Mercer's Australian Benefits Review includes a vast range of features:


    New for 2020

    This year, by purchasing the Australian Benefits Review, you will also receive a complimentary Benefit Trends and Insights Report as a special add-on to the subscription. The report summarises the key findings from a 10-year analysis of Australian employee benefits, sharing insight into shifting market trends that are both informing and reflecting employee expectations.



    • Novated leases
    • Car allowances (benefit and tool-of-trade)
    • Physical vehicles (benefit and tool-of-trade)
    • Parking


    • Parental leave
    • Annual leave
    • Personal/Carer's leave
    • Other leave

    Wellness Benefits

    • Work culture, practices and flexibility
    • Telecommuting
    • Childcare
    • Health, wellness and financial wellbeing
    • Hot desking arrangements
    • Family and domestic violence support

    Retirement benefits

    • Superannuation

    Insured employee benefits

    • Insured benefits
    • Death, disability and accident
    • Private health
    • Salary continuance insurance/total and temporary disablement insurance
    • Personal accident and sickness insurance

    End of service

    • Turnover
    • Redundancy and retrenchment

    Allowances and perquisites

    • Overtime and shifts
    • IT on-call and call-out
    • Travel
    • Mobile phones
    • LAFHA
    • Superannuation
    • Home sale and purchase
    • Location/site allowance
    • Other allowances and perquisites

    Variable reward

    • Short-term incentives
    • Sales commissions
    • Share purchase plans
    • Long-term incentives
    • Waiting and vesting schedules 
    • Non-financial rewards

    Workforce planning

    • Workforce planning strategy

    Learning and development

    • Learning and development budgets
    • Areas of spend
    • Study assistance

    Total reward strategy

    • Remuneration policy
    • Remuneration management and effectiveness
    • Gender pay
    • Recruitment
    • Sign-on and retention bonus
    • Internship availability
  • Sample report


    Sample report

  • Participant list


    Participant list

  • Survey schedule


    Survey schedule

    Survey schedule


    • Participation: 22 March - 14 May 2021
    • Report published: Late August 2021


Purchase survey

By purchasing Mercer's Australian Business Review (ABR) and opting to become a participant you become a part of this local and global research community.

Australian Benefits Review (ABR) 2020

Individual section cuts available upon request. Hard copy also available at added cost. Please contact Customer Service by completing the form below

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AUD $2,750 Ex GST

* To access participant pricing, you will be required to participate and contribute data to the Australian Benefits Review on an annual basis. If a submission is not received, an invoice will be issued for the difference between the participant and non-participant price.. Additional subscription benefits are also included as part of this package.




Customised Benefits Benchmarking Services

Uncovering trends and putting them into action

Mercer has a number of customised benchmarking services available using data in the Australian Benefits Review as a source.

  • Peer group benefit cuts - All sections of ABR can be produced according to a specific industry, company size or group of companies. A minimum of 12 companies need to be selected. Delivery is in table format and in excel.
  • Benefits benchmarking services - Mercer can provide a detailed benchmarking report including an overview of statutory requirements, typical practice, market comparison of your practices and provide recommendations for competitive practices.

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Uncovering trends



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Mercer BenefirsMonitor

Access benefits reporting and analysis right at your fingertips

Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ is an interactive and user-centered online tool that offers a wide range of flexible and intuitive features for benefits reporting and analysis. Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ (MBM) is your one-stop source to get market prevalence, legislative updates and key findings of adhoc snapshot surveys. Learn how Mercer BenefitsMonitor™ can support your organisations benefits planning and strategies.


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