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With Mercer WIN®, you can quickly and easily turn robust information into true intelligence.

Mercer’s Workforce Intelligence Network, Mercer WIN®, provides 'big data' information such as databases, benchmarks, analytics and insights to clients and ensures they are accessible via our user-centric, configurable interface. Search and guided navigation are completely intuitive and all the tools and data necessary to drive decision-making are integrated into one simple homepage. Plus, our global support network is comprised of software specialists and compensation management professionals to answer any questions that may arise.

Now you're free to explore, interpret and formulate insights on important human capital decisions and investments. As more data becomes available, Mercer WIN will continue to grow in value and convenience.

A ‘big data’ tool for all your rewards needs

About Mercer WIN™

Introducing the Mercer WIN® family of products

Three tiers of the Mercer WIN® platform are now available to best complement the needs and requirements of your organisation.

Mercer WIN® | Core

Mercer WIN® | Core is the base level that provides information and simple analysis for Mercer market data. It is complimentary with the purchase of a market view and provides access to Mercer data through a variety of parameters – including geography, industry, company size and more – to more efficiently organise and analyse information as it best meets your needs.

Mercer WIN® | Core also makes it easy to combine jobs and position classes to better represent your organisation, as well as compare existing data against selected markets.

Mercer WIN® | Advanced eIPE™

This level is designed to take the capabilities of Mercer WIN® | Core to the next level. Mercer WIN® | Advanced is a simple, off-the-shelf tool that allows you to incorporate data from other survey providers. This allows you to establish a comprehensive view of your workforce data.

Plus, results can be accessed, managed and shared across an organization to simplify decision-making and communication. Mercer WIN® | Advanced also incorporates benchmarking and analysis capabilities to provide further advantages over the basic platform.

Mercer WIN® | ePRISM

Mercer WIN® | ePRISM is a comprehensive compensation management, modeling and planning tool that enables you to align your organization's compensation plans with current and future objectives. By combining compensation-specific tools with powerful analytics, Mercer WIN® | ePRISM gives you the power to evaluate data, develop strategies and execute compensation programs with confidence.

  • Identify and address at-risk areas such as below market, high performing employees.
  • Deliver consistent, reliable responses to management requests.
  • Consult with managers on hiring and pay decisions with timely, value-added data.
  • Focus on strategic issues that impact the bottom line.
  • Optimise staff resources and streamline processes.
  • Develop a more responsible and effective pay plan implementation.


Mercer WIN® | ePRISM features intuitive navigation, and a streamlined workflow. This enables you to access and use data easier than ever with enhancements like single screen navigation, easy access to the job-pricing tool, and improved search functionality.

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Participate in our surveys through Mercer WIN®

Join other leading organisations across all types of industries by purchasing one of our reviews and particpate in our surveys.  By participating you join our community in developing comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits both locally and globally as well as receiving a range of benefits depending on the review you purchase.  Participation is through the Mercer WIN® platform.


Like to know more about Mercer WIN®?

To login, access training & support, or for more information about the Mercer Workforce Intelligence Network, Mercer WIN® visit our global website today.

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Georgina Lee
Growth and Experience Leader
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