Reward and incentive solutions to drive the right outcomes.

Having the right leaders for your organisation may be the most critical driver of success, but is your executive rewards and incentives strategy aligned to contribute to a compelling value proposition? Finding great talent and uncovering what’s important to them should go hand-in-hand.


Curating the best work experience means starting from the top. This means securing the right executive talent and motivating performance is crucial to creating an alignment between business objectives and workplace satisfaction. But it’s not so easy designing navigating this in an increasingly complex landscape.


Ensuring that your executive rewards and compensation program not only has a sound foundation, but really pushes to unlock the best executive talent can become a key driver to inspire a growth mindset for all of your employees.

Executive rewards and incentives
Building a better employee experience

Regulation is afoot for some. Is it you? Check out the CPS 511 revised standards. 

Why executive reward and incentive solutions?

As an industry leading team of specialists with local and global insights, we can help you with your rewards and incentives strategy.

Compensation Benefits


Ensure appropriate incentives align with business imperatives.


Pay and Performance


Pay practices designed to motivate appropriate performance.


Corporate Governance


Manage risk effectively with robust governance processes.


Secure and motivate executive talent.

How Mercer can help


We help organisations set compensation programs that align with their strategic talent needs. We aim to make measurable impacts on performance, efficiency and risk management by developing cash and equity compensation programs that serve the interests of executives, owners, and the organisation. We also do this while managing the growing complexity of regulations, legislation and shareholder demands.

Let us shape your executive compensation and rewards programs with Mercer’s expert consulting and comprehensive data, trusted by a range of global and national firms, including the ASX 100. 

By doing so you can:

  • Improve your ability to attract, retain, and motivate key executive talent.
  • Align pay with your organisation’s strategic needs and relevant talent comparators.
  • Realise value in ownership transactions.
  • Keep compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines.
Executive talent


Our team of dedicated experts can assist your organisation in developing a tailored rewards and incentives program for executives.

Using our insights from local and global data means we can help you to develop a compelling value proposition, balancing both tangible and intangible rewards.


Bringing strategy, culture and people together.

Why partner with us


Mercer’s executive rewards consultants are trusted advisors to public- and private-company senior management and boards of directors. Mercer’s Executive Compensation professionals provide best-in-class expertise in the areas of executive and director compensation and benefits, pay-performance alignment, and corporate governance.

Our executive compensation and rewards advisory services are founded on:

  • A collaborative approach: Our consultants use their knowledge and experience to provide advice and counsel, not just data.
  • Multiple viewpoints: We consider shareholder, board member, company, and employee perspectives while reflecting both external and competitive realities.
  • Market data: We utilise executive market data from all relevant sources to meet your needs and custom design survey instruments and analytics on specific issues. Our information solutions for executive remuneration combine Mercer compensation survey data for executive positions.
  • Objectivity: We have established global business standards to manage potential conflicts of interest inherent in advising boards of directors and management on executive rewards issues. 
Executive rewards and incentives planning



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