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An engaged workforce goes a long way towards driving strategy, retaining talent and delivering on employee experience.

Leading organisations the world over choose to partner with Mercer | Sirota™ for their organisational assessments and employee survey programs.  Our client partnership approach, action orientation, long term perspective, and thought leadership produce a superior client experience and clear business results.

We find the people solutions to today’s complex business problems.

Common challenges for organisations:
–  How do we engage our employees?
–  How do we improve employee performance?
–  How do we enhance our talent strategy?
–  How do we develop leaders within our organisation?
–  How do we execute on business strategy with our people?
–  How do we build and strengthen company culture?

Over 40 years of employee engagement solutions

About Mercer | Sirota™

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained

We work with businesses across all types of industries to assess and understand where each organisation needs to become aligned in order to execute its strategy, and how employee potential can be unlocked to drive performance.  We then work with our clients to take action by driving change from each level of their organisation.

We start at the overall organisation level – and identify where strategy, culture, and people are misaligned.  We then work with leadership to ensure they see critical issues more clearly, and address them in a way that strengthens culture and drives lasting performance.  We also provide front-line managers with the guidance, tools, and resources they need to sustain employee motivation and unlock the potential of their people.  And we enable HR to support those efforts and drive positive change.

In over fourty years of work, we have compiled a robust normative database, leading tools and technology, and a profound understanding of how to develop and execute successful survey research programs. By providing innovative, forward-thinking recommendations geared toward leveraging talent – while aligning these efforts with business strategy – Mercer | Sirota™ can help build a partnership-driven culture, an enthusiastic workforce, and effective leadership and management practices that will drive performance.


Major Industry experience

With over 40 years of employee engagement experience, Sirota has worked in every major industry segment, including Technology, Energy, Financial Services, Retail and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare and BioTech/Pharma and Government.


How we work

The 3 Mercer | Sirota™ tools for success – Assess, Understand and Act

Assess: Organisational Surveys

Making decisions about your organisation and people without proper data often leads to negative results.  The fact-based insight gained from an accurate survey research assessment of organisational effectiveness is essential to successful human capital management.

For over 40 years we have focused exclusively on developing cutting edge organisational development surveys that enable our clients to take right actions to improve their business performance by better understanding the experience of their people.

Survey Solutions
Our survey research offerings go beyond providing powerful insights – they offer solid empirical evidence for action:

Find more Mercer Video's on Vimeo.

Watch the video and learn more about Allegro one of Mercer | Sirota™ employee survey platforms. Employee listening programs are effective when strategically designed and implemented with purpose. This strategic employee research platform can help you drive performance within your organisation.

Understand: Analytics and Reporting

For c-suite executives and other leaders with large organisations, we typically develop a detailed Executive Analysis Presentation to illustrate the major themes and trends in the data and guide them to where action can be taken. We use an Integrative Survey Data Analysis process, partnering with your team from the get-go to ensure that the executive report is:

•  Tailored to current business conditions and organisational dynamics,
•  Tells the most insightful story from the data collected, and
•  Provides the most actionable insights.

For managers at all levels in the organisation, Sirota’s Reporting Suite represents a new generation of integrated survey reporting. Manager Reports offer simple, action-oriented displays which quickly answer your managers’ questions about how they are doing, and which areas of the survey results they should focus on.  All reports include our normative data at no extra cost, and can be customized to display survey results in a variety of ways; for example, to best align with and reinforce key findings and insights from the overall executive reports.

We distribute reports through Manager Central a portal that allows managers to directly access their survey reports plus training and reference materials to help them interpret their results and communicate to their teams.  This “one-stop-shop” site also offers best practices guides and action planning tools to help the team take action on survey results.

We strive to deliver clear and profound insights that compel your managers to take meaningful action on their survey results.  We work to deliver results in a timely manner: we produce a “top line” report for review by your internal survey team and other key stakeholders; and shortly after, all other reports are ready for delivery to the top executives and front line managers.


Our client partnership approach, action orientation, long term perspective, and thought leadership produce a superior client experience and clear busines results.


Act: Action Practices and Tools

For the past four decades, Sirota™ has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to turn survey data into powerful actions that improve employee performance and transform organisations. Our survey action-taking model, ACTION CATALYST™, provides a comprehensive strategic approach to the learning, processes and tools that help prepare our clients’ leaders, managers and Human Resources staff to act on their survey results to drive positive change.

Sirota offers a variety of Post-Survey Action Training and Coaching:
–  Training and tools for Managers,
–  Guidance and Education for Human Resources Staff, and
–  Facilitation Workshops and Coaching for intact teams.

We also provide the most innovative Action Tracking Tools and Best Practices Database.

Our approach is to provide each audience – senior leaders, managers, and HR – with the guidance and tools necessary to improve their organisations and unlock the potential of people.  We work alongside senior leaders to uncover the optimum policies and practices to achieve and maintain high-levels of business performance.  And we assist and align front-line managers and HR teams to create and conduct actions at a local-level, to achieve meaningful organisational results.


Webinar: Understanding the Employee Experience

Hear from the experts in the field of Employee Experience in our Webinar on Understanding the Employee Experience: Moving from a project to a platform.

Webinar: Understanding the Employee Experience

Hear from the experts in the field of Employee Experience in our Webinar on Understanding the Employee Experience: Moving from a project to a platform.


Pulsing with a Purpose: 5 Questions to Consider

Annual employee engagement surveys are useful for gathering actionable insights from employees, but in today’s increasingly dynamic work environment, leaders require more frequent feedback as they build their workforce for the future.

As organisations prepare for the future of work, Pulse Surveys can provide critical input to decision making, but to be effective they must be purposeful and aligned with your business strategy.

What are the 5 critical questions to ask before launching your next pulse survey? Download our report to learn more.

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Mercer | Sirota™ surveys, platforms and consulting services are offered within Australia for small to large sized organisations across all industries to help drive employee experience. To learn more about the Mercer | Sirota™ offering visit the global Mercer | Sirota™ website today.

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