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Engagement and employee experience

Research shows that the vast majority of people join an organisation enthusiastically ready to perform.  They are eager to do their best and they are open to the needs of their new employer.

But very few organisations are able to provide the employee experience required to maintain that level of employee engagement, even after only six months. Why?

Engagement is a challenge because measuring it and affecting it requires a holistic understanding of the organisational dynamic. It requires the commitment of workers and management, alignment with values and goals, the perseverance to pursue excellence and an energetic involvement of all in the company’s mission.

Levels of engagement may be impacted by something as big as culture or as unique as the behaviors of an immediate manager.  Therefore when we talk about employee engagement, we’re really talking about employee experience (EX). 

Creating the right employee engagement experience


Salary Benchmarking Salary Benchmarking

Build greater engagement


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How we can help

Building meaningful employee experiences with three key principles

We take a three-pronged approach to helping you build a meaningful employee experience. 

  • Data– We use data and people analytics to understand your employee voice and how people experience their work. This helps us uncover key priorities and focus on the things that matter most.
  • Design – We use our consulting expertise to intentionally influence how organizations operate to improve EX outcomes.
  • Delivery– provide the capability and capacity to implement changes.

Why partner with us?

Bringing strategy, culture and people together

We work with you to assess and understand where strategy, culture, and people are misaligned with the view of helping you execute your business strategy, and how worker potential can be unlocked to drive performance.  

We then work with our clients to take action by driving change from each level of your organisation, where it makes sense. This could be working with leadership to ensure they see critical issues more clearly, and address them in a way that strengthens culture and drives lasting performance.  We also provide front-line managers with the guidance, tools, and resources they need to sustain employee motivation and unlock the potential of their people. And we enable HR to support those efforts and drive positive change.

By providing innovative, forward-thinking recommendations geared toward leveraging talent – while aligning these efforts with business strategy – we can help build a partnership-driven culture, an enthusiastic workforce, and effective leadership and management practices that will drive performance.



Webinar: Understanding the Employee Experience

Hear from the experts in the field of Employee Experience in our Webinar on Understanding the Employee Experience: Moving from a project to a platform.




Pulsing with a Purpose: 5 Questions to Consider

Annual employee engagement surveys are useful for gathering actionable insights from employees, but in today’s increasingly dynamic work environment, leaders require more frequent feedback as they build their workforce for the future.

As organisations prepare for the future of work, Pulse Surveys can provide critical input to decision making, but to be effective they must be purposeful and aligned with your business strategy.

What are the 5 critical questions to ask before launching your next pulse survey? Download our report to find out. 







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Growth and Experience Leader

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