Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

While ‘diversity and inclusion’ has been an area of increasing investment and energy for many organisations over the past few years, many struggle to demonstrate meaningful success.  At Mercer, we encourage clients to avoid typical programmatic initiatives, but instead look to create forward-thinking, strategic programs that truly celebrate diversity and unite teams. 

Our expert consultants have a wealth of experience from working with hundreds of employers to measure and optimise inclusion and diversity initiatives.


Celebrating diversity and uniting teams


Salary Benchmarking Salary Benchmarking

Why risk diversity?


Low or declining employee engagement, and inadequate diversity were two of the top human capital risks and concerns found by high-growth companies in 2019.  


[Source: Mercer Global Talent Trends Study 2019]


How we can help

Celebrating diversity and aligning team values

We help organisations bring out the best in their culture with the aim of making each and every employee valued for their contribution. 

Here’s some of the ways our culture, diversity and inclusion consulting team can help you:

  • Put diversity and inclusion initiatives onto the strategic business agenda
  • Review the internal forces that are impacting your people and standing in the way of your diverse and high performing workforce
  • Build diversity programs and demonstrate return on investment
  • Gain leadership buy-in and commitment
  • Develop inclusive leadership and management
  • Provide sponsorship, talent management and career pathing programs
  • Have cultural intelligence for internal and external success
  • Create tailored learning programs

Why partner with us?

World-class expertise to drive business outcomes

As a leader in inclusion and diversity consulting, we take a data-centric, insight-led approach to our work. This combines the latest scientific research with workforce analytics, world-class expertise in leadership and organisation performance and peer-to-peer networking opportunities for our clients. 

Our team will work with you to help deliver measurable business outcomes, driving business growth, ensuring compliance, making the most of your key talent and fostering innovation.



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Georgina Lee
Growth and Experience Leader


Georgina Lee
Growth and Experience Leader

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