Mixing things up with a new way of learning

Mercer Learning is transforming workshops into a self-directed blended approach. Your journey starts with comprehensive online learning modules and finishes with a live, interactive workshop delivered by our accredited facilitators to a group of registered participants. This combined approach brings together the best of both worlds, content-driven digital self-paced learning and virtual classrooms.  



Virtual workshops

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What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines traditional real-time workshops and self-paced online modules. While live workshops offer immediate feedback and engagement, eLearning offers a personalised, self-paced exploration of the course, reinforcing learning with components such as interactive media, quizzes, tutorials and exercises.  

What are the benefits?

Blending live workshops and online learning methods increases the effectiveness of your learning journey.

What's so good about this model?

  • The learning process can be better tailored to individuals' needs
  • Learning outcomes are amplified as you can apply the theory straight away 
  • Learning in your own time and on any device 
  • Easily track your progress 
  • Consolidating your knowledge with a final live and interactive workshop with our Mercer accredited facilitators.


The blended learning journey

1. Register for the course

Register for your course. We'll send you the login details to access the eLearning platform.

2. Complete eLearning modules

Work through the course material in your own time. The amount of work required will depend on your selected course. On average, we estimate 10-12 hours of self-directed learning before the live workshop. After completion of all eLearning register for your preferred Live Online Workshop date. 

3. Join the final live workshop

Consolidate and put your knowledge to the test with our Mercer accredited facilitator and other learners who have completed the eLearning modules.

4. Learning recognition

After completing the eLearning and demonstrating your understanding of the concepts in the final live workshop, you will receive Mercer accreditation for the course!

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