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When it comes to getting the most out of your people, the landscape has moved beyond simply engaging with employees – to a strong focus on cultivating a high-performing employee experience, linking people strategies closely to business strategies. Measuring your employee engagement is a start, but it’s what you do with the data that will set you apart and drive outcomes. We don’t just supply the surveys; we help you identify and make sense of actionable insights to drive meaningful change.

We offer a range of tools and services to help you enhance your employee experience, unlock performance, leverage insights and empower change in your organisation:

Mercer Sirota™ – our targeted employee experience and engagement surveys

Mercer Allegro™ – our pulse survey platform delivering enhanced employee experience and action

Post-survey consulting – implement the solutions required to succeed in the future of work.


Our employee experience and engagement surveys go beyond providing powerful insights – they offer solid empirical evidence for action. With employee survey research, your organisation gets a data-based story and easy to follow reports to help you understand:

  • How engaged or disengaged employees are at every level in the organisation — an Engagement Index helps each manager measure employee engagement to understand how their team is doing relative to the rest of the organisation
  • How your results compare with industry norms — normative database of over 6 million responses enables you to compare your scores
  • Where to focus improving your employee engagement — key driver analysis identifies the priority areas to focus on that have the strongest correlations with overall engagement
  • Actions to improve engagement — Best practices database and tools enable mangers to set the right course of action to positively impact employee engagement

Every survey includes an executive debrief led by a Mercer consultant to discuss your results and identify real actionable insights.

Other Employee Research Solutions

  • Leadership 360 Surveys (360 Degree Feedback Assessments)
  • Culture Assessments
  • Internal Customer Assessment
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Other targeted survey research, as desired

See how Allegro works.

Enhance your employee experience now.

Mercer Allegro™ delivers clear and profound insights on a continuous connectivity platform – compelling your top executives and managers to take meaningful action on their survey results. The platform allows you to define and measure critical moments throughout the employment lifecycle, including recruitment, on-boarding, new manager appointments, career transition, employee exit and more, in addition to organisation-wide census surveys.

  • Design bespoke surveys by choosing from our rich, validated content library – or select your own custom questions
  • Access hundreds of benchmarked questions across a range of critical content areas
  • Easily target your audience, schedule communications, and configure reports
  • Create an engaging and simple experience for employees, allowing survey completion on any desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Deliver automated, real-time reporting and insights to senior leaders, managers and HR
  • Understand and explore results, including trends across survey administrations through rich, interactive data displays
  • Deliver personalised action priorities and recommendations to managers based on results along with integrated action plans
  • Turn data into impact with best practice guidance that helps you drive meaningful change

Mercer Allegro includes a workshop with our consultants to facilitate turning the results into meaningful strategy.



Enhance your employee experience now.

Our workforce consulting team have extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions required to succeed in today’s volatile world and in the future of work. Let our team of specialists partner with you to turn survey data into powerful actions that improve employee performance and transform organisations.

How we can help you:

  • Provide any and all decision makers in your organisation with expert guidance and tools necessary to unlock the potential of your people and ultimately improve your business
  • Work alongside senior leaders to uncover the optimum policies and practices to achieve and maintain high-levels of business performance
  • Assist and align front-line managers and HR teams to create and conduct actions at a local-level, to achieve meaningful organisational results

Enhance your employee experience now.

Mercer Sirota™ – our targeted employee experience and engagement surveys


Mercer Allegro™ – our pulse survey platform delivering enhanced employee experience and action


Post-survey consulting – implement the solutions required to succeed in the future of work.




Webinar: Understanding the employee experience

We give you a front row seat to hear from experts in the field of employee experience with this recording of “Understanding EX: Moving from a project to a platform.”



New research: 
Building a Better Employee Experience

Employee experience is more than the latest HR catchphrase. It’s a mindset shift, and it’s critical to creating an environment for people to thrive. It’s time to rethink how we solve employee issues by putting our people at the heart of the design.

Building A Better Employee Experience 
speaks to four critical mindset shifts for a stronger workforce, and how a focus on employee experience will yield a greater return for businesses in the long-term.

Building A Better Employee Experience


Employee sentiment and engagement,

has never been so important.

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