Mercer’s Market Insights practice has been helping organisations thrive through their data-driven workforce decisions for over 50 years


Specialising in compensation and benefits benchmarking, analytics and insights with everything from market surveys through to custom analysis and onsite/interim secondment.


Benchmarking Products

We have a range of benchmarking data, analytics and insight options including off–the-shelf general market surveys & specific industry benchmarking surveys including:

If you’re looking for a more customised solution requiring broader market interpretation, use of multiple data sets and advanced analytics, we have a team of experienced analysts available to work with you on custom projects. We can work to combine Mercer data, your own internal data and / or third party sources to ensure you have those critical insights into your employees compensation, productivity and engagement that will drive your business strategy.

Our experienced analysts are also available as onsite/interim secondments to drive critical people insights, enhancing your team’s short term analytical capabilities.

Using data to drive your workforce decisions 

Whether you’re setting competitive pay, developing new pay structures or aligning productivity and performance for your people, access to a robust set of data and benchmarks both at market level and at specific job levels is critical to attract and retain the best talent for your business. 

Salaries are a little like Australia’s housing market; while there is a tendency to focus on headline movements in house prices when making investment decisions, the smart money understands there are markets within markets, digging deep into the data to find winning investments. The same theory can be applied to your people. Mercer allows you to access data and insight on standard benchmark roles. Using our online tools, we also enable you to create data and insights on hybrid jobs to gain data insights with more precision for specific industries and evolving skill sets that are becoming the norm in a highly fluid, evolving job market. 

Benchmarking locally & globally

One consistent data source locally, regionally, and globally where the same methodologies are applied to cross-industry and industry-specific jobs, all underpinned by a consistent job evaluation methodology. That’s now a reality for compensation professionals using Mercer compensation and benefits benchmarking, analytics and insights.

We use one single job catalogue across over 140 countries all underpinned by the same job evaluation methodology – IPE

Locally here in Australia and New Zealand, we have a rich database of compensation and benefits benchmarking, analytics and insights with over 450,000 data points and + 30 compensation and benefits surveys.

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