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"We believe learning is a journey: Mercer Learning is here at every step of the way to make this journey easier for you."

Mercer Learning Team

Driving company success through HR is more important than ever.
Mercer Learning can help you with #ADifferentKind of Learning, a systematic approach in developing the capabilities of your teams.
Capabilities take time to grow so we've tailored our training methodology to be modular and career-level specific.

Designed to meet your organisation's strategic needs.

Delivered by our market leading experts with real world practical experience.

Customisable options available.

Mercer Learning combines the world's best HR intellectual capital with proven learning and development methodologies.

Have more than six people for a specific workshop? Chat with us, we can bring the learning to you!

For those new to their learning journey, gain the up-skilling you need now along with an understanding of what knowledge you'll need to progress in your career. Our approach can be as bespoke or as standardised as you wish and ensures your people are geared up for market changes.

Our Workshops

Learn more about the Workshops Mercer offers and the custom programs we can tailor for your organisation.


Use data to drive a strategic approach to long-term workforce planning.


Equip your people with the skills they need using the latest workforce trends.


Give your leaders the practical tools they need to create an agile and thriving workforce.

Workshop Offering:

Workshop Offering:

Job Evaluation / Analysis Tools:

Workshop Offering:


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