Learning & Inclusion Solutions

Learning & Inclusion Solutions

Learning & Inclusion Solutions


Build the insights, mindsets, skills, and behaviours to create a thriving workforce


Specialising in learning and inclusion strategies to build the insights, mindsets, skills and behaviours to create a thriving workforce.


Global expertise; local experience

We believe the best ideas come from diverse talent motivated by solving complex problems. That’s why we tap into Mercer’s vast global expertise and combine it with our deep local experience to design programs and solutions that cut to the core of our clients’ development and diversity challenges, and craft a pathway to success. 

Strategic alliances

Building a thriving workforce is a deliciously challenging task. We know we don’t have all the answers and so we’ve formed strategic alliances with leaders in the area of transformational sponsorship, innovation training and mindfulness to compliment our strengths in HR training, leadership essentials and workforce analytics. The end result in a full suite of learning programs and inclusion solutions that help you build the insight, mindset, skills and behaviours our research shows are essential to thriving in today’s world.

Expert facilitators

Building the insight, mindset, skills and behaviours to thrive is a classic adaptive challenge. For many of us, we need to shift the way we think and how we see the world to rise to the challenges of the current times. That takes a facilitator who can gently probe our vulnerabilities and inspire our personal accountability to change.

Motivated to have a measurable impact; proven to work

We’re motivated to help people and organisations thrive and we ensure we’re achieving this endgame by measuring the impact of everything we do.

We know our transformational sponsorship program improved the confidence of female sponsees to realise their career potential by X% while male sponsors reported an X% increase in their ability to sponsor female talent. Participants in our mindfulness at work program in partnership with The Mindfulness Clinic report a 33% increase in focus and attention, and a 30% decrease in stress and frustration with other people. Hear more about what our program participants and clients have to say here.

Learning community – For lovers of learning

We know learning is a lifelong pursuit. And in the digital era, we’re lucky to have access to an explosion of great ideas and inspiring content. But we’re also more short on time than ever before. So we help our clients stay ahead of the latest thinking and feed their insatiably curious minds by curating the best content and creating forums where they can come together to share ideas. 


What We Offer

Leadership Programs

The leaders who will drive your business success need to be self-aware, curious, values-led, enabling and inclusive of difference. Mercer’s leadership programs are customised to meet you where you’re at and take you to where you need to go.
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Skills to Thrive Programs

Supporting your people to flourish and grow in today’s world involves not only developing new world skills. Agile organisation design, resilience, and building high performing teams are among the essential skills we know help you achieve this.
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Inclusion Solutions

We can help you identify who’s thriving, who’s not, why and what to do about it with granular diagnostics, inclusion strategies co-created with the business and high impact programs proven to move the needle on stubborn barriers to diversity.
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Customer Innovation Program

The Online Customer Driven Innovation Program provides the essential tools for you to identify customer-driven opportunities, generate breakthrough solutions, and de-risking innovation through experimentation.
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