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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Whether you're looking for financial advice or delivering it, Mercer's Wealth Management solutions offers access to a world of investment opportunity. Mercer’s in-house team of wealth managers provide financial planning that can help super fund members, employees and retirees achieve their financial goals and ‘financial wellness’.  

We also partner with other wealth managers outside of Mercer who may access our investment tools, research, advice and solutions to leverage Mercer’s scale and deliver services to their own clients more efficiently and cost effectively.  

Mercer can help organisations bolster resources, generate investment ideas, perform due diligence, and even assess operational and fiduciary risks. Clients receive market-ready investment ideas that enable them to understand the importance of aligning wealth with values and intentions.


Wealth Management Solutions and Services

Financial Planning

Mercer Financial Planning provides financial advice to clients in three ways: Financial Advice Helpline, Workplace Advice, Strategic Financial Advice

It’s never been harder to find a good financial advisor to help you with your financial planning. Mercer’s financial advisors are experts, truly independent and meet the highest standards for education integrity and professionalism.

Employee Financial Wellness

Mercer’s approach to employee financial wellness focuses on engaging employees throughout their lives, not just at retirement. The objective is to help employees reach their goals for every stage of their “financial lives,” whether it’s saving for a house, a car, college, or retirement.

There’s a lot of financial advice out there; most have a not-so-hidden agenda, linking advice to investment programs and products. At Mercer, we are transparent with our clients and help them be transparent with their employees.

Wealth Managers

Wealth management firms and leading financial intermediaries use Mercer to take advantage of our research, advisory, and implementation services. We can help organizations bolster resources, generate investment ideas, perform due diligence, and even assess operational and fiduciary risks.

Working with Mercer is easy. We’ve developed a flexible approach to engagements that allows us to fluidly mesh with your exact needs — either behind the scenes or in a marquee role.

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