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In a competitive environment, subject to ongoing reform, superannuation funds need scale to survive. They need to continually evolve to meet the expectations of a technology and data-driven world, and be able to engage, grow and retain their membership in an already saturated environment.

We help funds improve member outcomes, helping their members achieve their financial goals and create a sustainable income for life. Through Mercer Super we help employers create better lives for their people and through new thinking, new tools, new ways of communicating, we advance the way we, and the industry thinks about and delivers super.

We provide people-focused administration and customer experience for many of Australia’s largest super funds, and we’ve been in the business for over 40 years. 

Learn more about our Superannuation solutions below.

Superannuation Solution and Services

Superannuation Administration & Growth Solutions

Our administration and growth solutions are data-driven to deliver personalised and relevant customer experiences.

To remain relevant and grow into the future, superannuation funds need new ways to efficiently manage customer relationships and create value. A competitive industry demands a highly differentiated, data-driven and personalised customer experience.

Mercer Super Trust

With over 225 employer plans and 213,879 members, we're one of Australia's leading corporate master trusts. 

The Mercer Super Trust helps customers build better lives with a comprehensive suite of financial advice and personal superannuation services.

Financial Planning

Mercer’s financial advisors are experts, truly independent and meet the highest standards for education integrity and professionalism.

A key benefit of being part of Mercer's superannuation family is access to phone-based personal financial advice through our dedicated Financial Advice Helpline.   Professional advisers provide simple personal advice relating to superannuation enabling our members extra peace of mind when confronting decisions about their superannuation. Mercer’s Workplace Advice program is a market-leading approach to de-mystifying super and financial advice for your employees, to help them achieve better financial outcomes.   Our research shows that to date, one in seven participants of the program have taken important steps to improve their financial futures by better engaging with one of their most important assets, their super.

Mercer Edge

Mercer Edge makes facts about members readily accessible, brings these facts to life through the addition of detailed insights and unleashes the power of predictive analytics to guide marketing and member experience investments.

Our best in class data-driven analytics and marketing platform Mercer Edge, enables funds to seize every opportunity to leapfrog the competition and it’s currently available to Mercer Administration clients. Mercer Edge makes facts about members readily accessible, brings these facts to life through the addition of detailed insights and unleashes the power of predictive analytics to guide marketing and member experience investments.

Mercer SmartPath®

Mercer SmartPath® recognises the core objective of superannuation - to help a member grow their super savings so that they can achieve an adequate and sustainable income in retirement.

Mercer SmartPath is an innovative approach to delivering retirement incomes – one that recognises that superannuation isn't just there to create wealth, but to deliver an adequate and sustainable income throughout each members’ retirement.

Governance of Superannuation Funds

Good governance means having the right systems, people and processes in place to successfully realise your vision and achieve your goals.

We believe mandating independent directors on super funds in Australia will add value.  However, in our experience, the collective skill set, objective judgement and dynamics of a trustee board are just as important to effective decision-making as structural independence.

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