Mercer ExtraTextual™ Risk Management & Compliance l Mercer Australia

Mercer ExtraTextual™ Risk Management & Compliance l Mercer Australia

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Mercer ExtraTextual™

An efficient, web-based risk management and compliance solution. 

Mercer ExtraTextual™ is a web-based compliance and risk management tool. It includes a web based governance platform  with dynamic pre-populated compliance content covering legislative obligations that we update regularly to reflect changes in the law.  In addition, the tool includes other governance-related features such as our complaints, breach and incident, and conflicts management modules. Designed to be flexible to your needs, and with a focus on the user experience, it can be customised to incorporate your own risk and compliance frameworks.

As a fully secure web-based platform, the service requires no interface with your current IT environment, allowing multiple users to access the service remotely. The platform includes a powerful and easily understood reporting process allowing you to assess the real time compliance and risk management status of the organisation.

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