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Make the most of every customer interaction and gain control of your customers’ brand experience, without the burden and costs of running an in-house contact centre.

The personalised touch

Even with the rise of digital channels, customers still want the option to deal with a real person, and they expect seamless, exceptional experiences every time.

Our sales and service solution includes full customer interaction tracking and relationship management capabilities, powered by our world-leading customer relationship management (CRM) system - Salesforce1.

Relationships are deepened with Next Best Conversation capability to enable insight-driven conversations that enhance engagement, retain customers, and grow FUM.


Understand your customers and build stronger relationships to compete with other funds and disruptors.

Salesforce1; the world’s leading cloud-based CRM provider

Get a single-customer view across every touch point to enable truly relevant conversations with every customer. Mercer’s Salesforce1 platform is an agile, cloud-based customer and employer CRM system specifically developed and customised for super funds.

When paired with Mercer’s Next Best Conversation technologies and Mercer Edge, Salesforce1 enables data-driven, targeted cross-sell, up-sell and proactive customer service.


Engage customers with an experienced team of phone-based sales and relationship professionals.

Experience and insights make the difference

Relationships are built through timely and relevant experiences. We provide inbound and outbound sales call campaigns that integrate with your overall business strategy and marketing channels. Our RG146-qualified general product advice consultants will get to know your fund well and develop a detailed understanding of your campaign requirements.

Grow and retain

Reach the right customers with the right message, at the right time with centralised customer insights and a single customer view. Personalised, relevant conversations boost participation with your products and engage valuable customers who may otherwise consider leaving.


Take up of limited scope financial advice is projected to grow significantly into the future, and phone-based advice emerges as a gateway to customer relationships.

Simple, accessible advice leads to action-based engagement

Limited personal advice can propel customers into greater engagement. We provide professional, limited financial advice for super-related needs, including projections, risk profiles, personal longevity forecasts and super to pension advice.

Accessible via phone or online video, our advisers empower customers to take personally relevant actions around insurance, investment choice and contribution strategies. Fully scalable to your changing needs, the service is vital to keep your most valuable customers engaged and satisfied as they transition into retirement.

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