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Our research shows that 67% of deals experience delayed synergy realisation due to unaddressed people risks. Understanding people risk is crucial and requires the same strategic approach as commercial, tax, operational and IT integration.


Navigating the complexity


Increasing deal complexity and cross-border deal dynamics make it difficult to realise value. Early preparation and thorough understanding of human capital risks ensures Day One readiness and creates sustainable value. Driving long-term deal success requires thoughtful and well-executed integration.


In today’s complex and dynamic environment, you need real-world integration experience in quickly and effectively bringing organisations together — or carving out and standing up an entity — to protect business continuity and create the framework for the future. We’re experienced in all types of transactions, from small acquisitions to mega, multibillion-dollar global mergers. And all sizes and types of deals require the knowledge, know-how and foresight to deliver deal value.


Managing the chaos


We work with buyers and sellers as well as corporate acquirers and financial investors. The diversity of our clients — in size, maturity, industry sector and geographic location — means we assist organizations with a broad range of issues. Simply put, we know what needs to be done — when, how, why and by whom. We manage the deal chaos and complexity, bringing you the processes, approaches, tools and resources to create order and clarity. Our fundamental approach is time- and battle-tested, repeatable, reliable and scalable.


Building on the findings of due diligence, our approach to integration planning includes:


  • Developing a comprehensive integration strategy and roadmap to deliver on the end-state vision for Day One and beyond
  • Establishing project governance principles, including decision-making, issue escalation and communications
  • Understanding the cultures of both organisations, identifying critical components and developing an integration approach to maintain them
  • Outlining a communication and change management strategy to support the new operating environment

The Mercer difference


We are deal experts who understand how to mitigate risks, maximise value and moderate costs to create sustainable value. We understand the business strategy and deal thesis and provide distinctive human capital insights to lay the groundwork for realising the full value of your deal. Our goal is simple: your success. We exist to achieve your goals and commitments while building sustainable capability within your organisation.



Executive rewards and incentives


Why clients choose us:


Global footprint,
local expertise

Mercer’s global footprint means we can have experts available in as little as 24 hours — resources who speak the language and know the local laws. Our insights aren’t limited to certain markets. We are where you need us to be.



We have a deep bench of experts and access to specialists, from actuarial to compliance.


deal advisers

We have a demonstrated track record across all deal types and throughout all phases. We know how to translate the deal thesis into reality with practical, proven approaches.



Our expertise allows us to offer new and cutting-edge solutions to evolving human capital risks.



Mercer advises clients in:


Strategy and readiness

Anticipate the spectrum of people risks and strategies to address them given your strategic goals.



Due diligence

Conduct in-depth analysis on workforce issues to identify any material risks to purchase price, strategic objectives or integration.


Integration planning and execution

Execute rigorous governance and planning to ensure business continuity on Day One as well as longer-term integration success.


Integration planning and execution

Drive deal success by effectively implementing Day One plans and monitoring results to maximise value.




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Why use Mercer? Ineffective management of integration leads to unclear decision-making, changes in timelines that derail synergies, and mismanagement of risk — all costing time and money.
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– Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Fortune 100 client

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Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our global advisors work with corporate acquirers and financial investors on both the buy and sell side. Let us help you mitigate your most difficult workforce risks by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Determine critical roles and the talent needed to drive success. Formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps.

Develop your future strategy and operating model, including organisation design, governance and decision rights.

Maximise deal success by assessing talent, identifying and selecting leaders, and retaining critical employees.

Identify the “critical few” culture risks in the deal, and build a comprehensive integration strategy.

Create the needed HR delivery platform to support strategic objectives.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Understand current programs, and develop a market-competitive, go-forward executive compensation program.

Understand current programs, and develop a market-competitive, go-forward executive compensation program.

Identify the criteria and process for selecting talent specific to the acquisition.

Develop a renewed mobility program and roadmap, and provide implementation guidance.

Harmonise and integrate the retirement programs, and create an integrated plan design that aligns with total rewards objectives to prepare for implementation.

Understand, align and optimise pension plans and associated risk globally.



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