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Divestitures can unlock hidden shareholder value and generate cash to fund growth and innovation. The speed at which organisations need to pivot and pursue a new strategic direction is leading to the rise of divestitures. A successful divestiture means maximising the sale price, closing the deal quickly and creating sustainable value for the remaining business.


Prioritising people risks


Whether you’re planning a spin-off or carve-out, or selling the entire business, analysing workforce risks is an essential first step in preparing for any sale. This analysis should begin at the pre-separation strategy and planning stage — and it requires the same strategic focus that goes into preparing the carve-out financials.


Executing a divestiture can be far more challenging than acquiring an organisation. At Mercer, we recommend approaching the sale from the perspective of a potential buyer — understanding that different buyers have different priorities.


The Mercer difference


We know how to protect value by identifying human capital risks early in the divestiture process. Our exceptional ability to uncover workforce risks helps sellers anticipate hurdles and mitigate any surprises early. Speed is the key to success, and our ability to respond anywhere globally within 24 hours helps drive your successful divestiture. 


Executive rewards and incentives

Mercer advises clients in:


Strategy and readiness

Anticipate the spectrum of people risks and strategies to address them given your strategic goals.



Due diligence

Conduct in-depth analysis on workforce issues to identify any material risks to purchase price, strategic objectives or integration.


Integration planning and execution

Execute rigorous governance and planning to ensure business continuity on Day One as well as longer-term integration success.


Integration planning and execution

Drive deal success by effectively implementing Day One plans and monitoring results to maximise value.




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Well thought-out and properly targeted retention program incentives and severance packages can help deliver the maximum value in a sale.
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– Global CHRO

Fortune 100 consumer products organization



Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with corporate acquirers and financial investors on both the buy and sell side. Let us help you mitigate your most difficult workforce risks by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Analyse the workforce to identify regulatory and compliance risks. 

Understand the current operating model, and design seller and divested business stand-alone structures.

Determine which roles will stay and which will go. Craft retention strategies for critical roles.

Conduct current-state culture assessment to articulate the operating environment and key capabilities.

Create the needed HR delivery platform and transition plan to support the stand-alone business.

Understand, align and optimise benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Determine whether executive, sales, workforce and broad-based incentives align with achievement of synergies.

Understand, align and optimise pension plans and associated risk globally.



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