Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting

We are one of the world’s largest investment consultants, number 1 globally for AUDM - $200 billion USD. This scale provides clients with considerable competitive advantage.

Our insights and capability are supported by a deep global knowledge base, sophisticated financial modeling, and advanced investment tools, so once we understand the scope of your investment needs we have the resources to understand where the best opportunities lie and how you can capitalise on them. Given our scale it’s likely we’ve seen it and solved it before so we can provide solutions to even the most complex of issues.

Our scale means we have unparalleled buying power so we’re able to secure significant cost efficiencies for clients. Some clients realise savings of as much as 20% on their investment costs.

We have an international network of over 1200 highly experienced investment professionals working in over 43 countries with sophisticated investment tools to provide you with diversified portfolios that outperform, even in the most volatile markets. Our research and depth of experience mean we can turn insights into opportunities. Whether you need the security of Mercer’s Super Trust or the flexibility of our delegated solutions we have the capability to deliver long-term security and growth.


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