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Retirement l Wealth & Investments - Mercer Australia

Wealth and Investments


Improving Retirement Outcomes.

Within a global environment of change, as leaders in retirement solutions, we help determine what best practice looks like both now and into the future. 

At Mercer, we deliver a different kind of perspective. With expertise spanning traditional and new retirement and analytic solutions, our people are forward-thinking and actuarial minded.

We design innovative solutions that help people improve their retirement readiness, achieve financial security, and generate incomes to last the rest of their lives.  

Working with clients including super funds, wealth managers, insurance providers, financial advisers and employers, we solve problems linked to longevity risk, rapidly ageing populations, and financial disengagement or lack of preparedness, helping organisations across Australia and around the world provide better outcomes for their people, and together we make tomorrow, today.

Retirement Products and Solutions

Mercer LifetimePlus®

A multi-award winning investment option designed to protect Australians against longevity risk - the risk of outliving their savings. It offers Australians access to simple, affordable and flexible risk protection.
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Legal and Governance

Good governance means having the right systems, people and processes in place to successfully realise your vision and achieve your goals. It ensures that your strategy will continually guide you in the right direction to meet your objectives, and that you have the appropriate structures and policies in place to do so. It is also about understanding and managing risks, having the ability to optimise operations and effectively monitoring performance.
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Retirement Consulting

A diverse group of consultants with specialised skills in actuarial, governance, legal and investment skills that work across the industry supply chain.
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Mercer Retirement Readiness Index

Mercer Retirement Readiness Index provides your superannuation fund with a clear view of your members’ readiness for retirement and a means to measure your strategies for improving their retirement outcomes.
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Retirement Income Simulator

Our Retirement Income Simulator takes all of Mercer’s actuarial smarts, along with our in-depth knowledge of the superannuation industry and loads it into a digital tool so that funds can supply this to members via their website.
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Mercer Extratextual™

An efficient, web-based risk management and compliance solution. With regularly updated compliance requirements, reflecting the latest legislative changes and a simple but powerful reporting function, responsible entities can assess real time compliance status of their fund and meet their compliance reporting requirements.
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Insurance for Insurers

Tailored, industry-specific solutions for Australia’s major insurers. Comprised of both actuarial and investment professionals, our specialist team work together to deliver Australia’s major insurers tailored, industry-specific solutions.
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