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Deliver instant personal advice online and lead the shift towards digital scaled advice solutions.

Create something simple

Mercer eAdvice delivers instant personal advice online; a self-service alternative to traditional advice, designed to attract new customers and reach a more connected audience whose wealth levels have, up until now, been a barrier to seeking more personalised advice.

Help customers make active choices

Mercer eAdvice makes advice and guidance more accessible for all, particularly those who require more accessible channels or find the cost of traditional financial advice prohibitive.

Our eAdvice service includes online investment choice recommendations, contribution strategy guidance, as well as personal super projections, risk profiling and calculated financial longevity.

A quick and simple experience

Our platform is simple and fast to install, requires zero maintenance and is designed to meet the most common super advice needs. Customers can access statements of advice (SOAs) online.

Mercer's Outsourced Financial Advice

Create brighter futures for your customers, help them achieve their financial goals and improve retirement outcomes - all under your brand.

Deliver the highest caliber financial advice, in-house

Mercer Financial Advice offers a full spectrum of advisory services, from general to comprehensive personal advice. Specialist advice services include SMSFs, direct equities, model portfolios and aged care. Our compliance framework ensures customers’ best interests are served – Mercer financial advisers do not receive commissions and always focus on a customer’s personal needs.

A better customer experience

Broaden your retail offering and deliver great customer experiences with our technical, research and professional development support, backed by Mercer’s expertise, infrastructure, and global scale. Increase customer satisfaction and awareness of the benefits your fund offers.

All of the advantages with less of the risk

Our comprehensive compliance framework includes a trusted brand, peer review, external audit, quarterly monitoring, and supervision framework, as well as adviser access to in-house technical support. Mercer Financial Advice provides advice under our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). By outsourcing advice to Mercer, you reduce the risk to your fund’s AFSL.

Mercer’s financial advice expertise, infrastructure, and scale allow a full-spectrum advice service to give your customers the very best support and engagement with your fund.

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