Mercer's marketing communications and analytics provides strategic insight and marketing services to stay ahead and maximise your funds return on investment


Gain unparalleled control of your customer marketing and communications experience to maximise engagement and growth.

Automated communications and marketing

Customers now have many options to choose how they want to engage with superannuation funds. Superannuation funds need to be able to deliver a consistent and compelling brand story at every interaction to create closer relationships with customers. Mercer Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the new global standard in customer communications and marketing automation.

Exceed customer expectations

We help superannuation funds create a seamless customer experience and deliver consistent messages across all channels and devices, coordinated by a single view of customers at every touch point. Superannuation funds can also automatically generate SMS, email and print communications tailored to match customer profiles and behaviour.  Superannuation funds that proactively anticipate and act on customer needs will be rewarded with increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Powerful and integrated insights

When you combine Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Mercer’s consumer insight and analytics (Mercer Edge), call centre and digital platforms, you’ll have unprecedented access to every individual customer – and timely, accurate measures of marketing and communications effectiveness.

Mercer Edge

Be a step ahead in an increasingly competitive superannuation industry and maximise your return on investment.

Personalised and relevant customer experiences

Mercer Edge gives you in-depth insights into your customer base through detailed facts and predictive analytics. It can tell you exactly where each of your customers is on their retirement journey to empower you to create the most effective marketing strategies and exceptional customer experiences to grow, retain and acquire customers.

Focus and maximise your marketing spend

Deep customer insights show which customers are at risk of leaving you and who is most likely to take particular actions at specific times, bringing an unprecedented ability to prioritise investment in marketing and communications campaigns.

Increase your return on investment by highlighting areas that will make the most impact on your customer base and your fund’s growth. Choose from three flexible packages to access a future-proofed solution that evolves with a changing, competitive industry.

Mercer Marketing Services

Make the most of your digital platforms and marketing automation solutions by engaging the services of those who know it best, our marketing and communications agency. Our expertise in super and retirement will help your customers understand their super and take profitable actions.

Comprehensive marketing solutions

Mercer Marketing Services provides coordinated customer communications from regulatory communications and education to personalised, actionable campaigns designed to increase your share of wallet and maximise return on investment.

Outsource as much or as little as you like. Mercer Marketing Services offers comprehensive marketing and communications strategy expertise and a full suite of direct marketing and education campaigns based on Mercer Edge analytics, insights, and predictive modelling.

Core support for your marketing program

We offer customised, multi-channel campaigns to ensure you get the most from your marketing spend. Your campaigns will be delivered on time, on budget and across all appropriate channels and you’ll receive post-campaign reports to track success.


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