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Super Administration

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Superannuation Administration

To remain relevant and grow into the future, superannuation funds need new ways to efficiently manage customer relationships and create value. A competitive industry demands a highly differentiated, data-driven and personalised customer experience.

Mercer’s Multi-Service Partnerships let you create the business infrastructure of the future; to finely calibrate your engagement strategies and control your customers’ brand experience.

We’ve used our scale and expertise in super administration and customer experience to produce growth solutions for superannuation funds that are data-driven yet human, personalised and contextualised , and adaptable for all kinds of superannuation funds.

Learn more about our solutions and how we’re making super human.  

Grow and Compete in a Disruptive World

Forget the old days of transaction-focused super administration, we’re here to help funds grow and compete in today’s noisy, disruptive, tech-driven world. Our customer administration model puts people at the heart of what we do, so every-day interactions are easy, appropriate and geared towards creating better lives.

Superannuation funds can achieve higher customer satisfaction, retention and grow Funds Under Management by partnering with Mercer. 

Commitment to Quality & Excellence in Administration

Best-practice administration includes innovation, flexibility, and transparency of delivery against service standards.
In April 2015, Mercer was named the World’s Best Provider of Pension Plan Administration Services by Global Finance magazine, for the fifth year in a row. This award recognises our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality, innovation, and excellent service.

Mercer’s in-house Customer Helpline won the 2015 Victorian Auscontact Association Awards, in recognition of the excellent work our Helpline colleagues do for customers every day, our advanced knowledge of superannuation, industry-leading training and our purpose of creating better lives. 

Mercer was also included in 2015 Top 50 of BRW Australia’s Most Innovative Companies, and we also boast innovation awards for products including Mercer SmartPath® and Mercer LifetimePlus ®

Working with Many of Australia's Largest Super Funds

We provide fully-outsourced administration and exceptional customer experiences for many of Australia’s largest super funds, and we’ve been providing superannuation and investment advice in Australia for over 40 years.  

Types of funds we work with include industry funds, master trusts, and employer funds, covering defined contribution, defined benefit, and hybrid plans, allocated pensions, transition to retirement allocated pensions, and lifetime pensions.

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