Personal Wealth and Investments l Mercer Australia

Personal Wealth and Investments l Mercer Australia

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Mercer partners with Australia’s most innovative superannuation funds and employers to create better lives for their members and employees.

Employers and industry have benefited from Mercer’s leading-edge solutions that have changed the future of super. Today, we’re Australia’s only end-to-end provider of superannuation, administration, asset management and governance services. We support over two million members and have more than $200 billion in funds under management.

With our expertise in product and service innovation, customer engagement and global investment insights, we help funds and employers secure a different kind of future for their people.

  Employers, request a call back to speak to us about adding your employees to the Mercer Super Trust.
Members, you can call the free call number in Australia to contact Mercer Super Trust: 1800 682 525
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