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The clock is ticking for banks, superannuation funds and insurance providers to ensure their remuneration, accountability and reporting frameworks comply with the new rules - from the Chair of the Board of Directors through to front-line staff. In a new and uncertain remuneration environment, clarity is everything. Succeeding in a post-Hayne environment comes down to four key areas.

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CPS511 is coming

Announced by APRA in 2019, this prudential standard will impose further regulations on remuneration for financial services organisations, extending beyond the scope of BEAR and the proposed FAR regimes. Watch this space for more information on what it means for you.




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“Failings of organisational culture, governance arrangements and remuneration systems lie at the heart of much of the misconduct examined in this commission."
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Kenneth Hayne
Royal Commissioner into Misconduct in the Banking and Financial Services Industry



Where businesses could once look to financial performance as the principal measure of success, equal attention must now be given to non-financial factors such as misconduct, compliance, reputation and data breaches.

Just as a poor remuneration structure can corrupt culture, a considered remuneration framework rewarding appropriate non-financial and long-term performance can foster a healthy one.

Where boards once only concerned themselves with remuneration arrangements for key senior staff, regulatory changes will see this extend to all facets of the business - from the CEO down to front-line staff.

Rewarding staff based on metrics such as sales volume, accelerators and the use of financial performance gateways to unlock payments, increases the risk of people doing the wrong thing.



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Drawing on our expertise, Mercer partners with organisations to review and strengthen critical organisational structures such as remuneration, accountability, governance and effectiveness frameworks.

While addressing these four areas will provide a solid foundation for future success, a post-Hayne "health check" by Mercer's specialist Rewards and Board Effectiveness Teams allows for a more holistic and detailed response, tailored to your unique circumstances.


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