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SALES INCENTIVE PLANS, STRATEGY AND ALIGNING SUCCESS Delivering the right Sales Incentive Plan structure is a critical enabler of success. Through Mercer’s ‘workshop thinking' we can help you design a solution that best reflects your strategy and keeps you ahead of the market. Contact Mercer today and get 2020-ready!


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In a business environment of constant change and flux, many Sales Incentive Plans are legacy systems of old ideas and quick fixes. They hold sales teams back from achieving their goals.


Mercer’s ‘workshop thinking’ and unique market overview will help you align your strategy, culture and vision with a custom Sales Incentive Plan that will keep your team performing.



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Debunking the myths


There are a number of widely accepted myths about Sales Incentive Plans that are so deeply entrenched in many organisations that they have become commonly accepted as truths. Through our broad experience we have identified the two most common myths that are preventing organisations from achieving their long-term goals.

Achieve your goals

Mercer can help you unravel the myths and misconceptions of Sales Incentive Plans and help you build a strategy that is aligned with your business, culture and goals. Contact Mercer today and get 2020-ready


Using data to drive your workforce decisions


With a growing number of job opportunities in the market and close to full employment, ensuring that sales incentive plans are attractive to high calibre sales employees, both current and prospective, will become even more critical as competition for talent increases. 


Mercer's Australian Sales Incentive Survey provides empirical data on sales plan designs across the Australian market, enabling organisations to effectively benchmark and competitively align their sales incentive plans. The survey captures data across a number of sectors and sales functions.


The Australian Sales Incentive Survey


How Mercer can help you ...

Through our experience in working with leading local and global organisations, we know that well-designed Sales Incentive Plans are more than a set of market-led formulas. To maximise sales execution and drive effective sales behaviours, Sales Incentive Plans must be strategically aligned, well communicated and have faultless execution.


  • Diagnosis & discovery  –  Internal, External and GAP Analysis.
  • Design  –  Deliver a sales reward framework that is aligned with your business objectives.
  • Implementation  –  Launch and execute Post Implementation Review/Continuous improvement.


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Download the Sales Incentive Plan solutions brochure

Download the Sales Incentive Plan solutions brochure to learn how Mercer can assist your organisations workforce planning, rewards and incentive solutions.

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