Minimising risks in your investment exposure?


Bad business practices can no longer slip under the rug. With increasing frequency and complexity of regulation, investors and business leaders need to ensure compliance; there is no room for negligence. So rather than simply taking a ‘checklist’ approach to operational risk management, how can you dive deeper to add value to your business? Identifying key risks and taking insight-led actions means you can drive meaningful and valuable change.  

Mercer Sentinel is a dedicated team of experts focused on driving operational efficiency and risk mitigation. We help clients to better manage the implementation of their investment activities associated with holding, trading, and servicing investment portfolios.



Mercer solutions

Risk Assessment


Our primary focus is to distinguish well-managed investment managers operations and control environments from those that potentially expose clients to increased and often unnecessary risks and performance leakage.



We can help you to optimise the investment operations function through ongoing monitoring, by focusing on minimising risks, maximising operational efficiency and value for money. 


Why Mercer Sentinel?

As an industry leading team of specialists, we can help you get the most out of your investment operations.


We have a global team of experienced professionals, to help you identify risks and enhance operational efficiencies via a transparent and interactive assessment approach.


We have a deep knowledge base across all asset classes and diverse client coverage to enable insights to industry best practices.


We have flexibility to deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve time and cost savings.




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ODD assists organisations to manage, maintain and lower their risk propensity.
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Mercer Sentinel provides clients with the security and peace of mind their investments are in order.
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