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Boost your internal investment capabilities with insights, analytics and ratings on more than 7,000 investment managers, and 36,000+ strategies and reach the top of your game with Mercer’s global team of more than 200 investment research specialists.


About MercerInsight®


A sophisticated and simple-to-use cloud based platform to help you better understand your portfolio exposure and investment manager capabilities. From quantitative analysis on performance and holdings data, to the ratings and recommendations from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques. 






Why MercerInsight®

MercerInsight® offers a range of features to power your investment strategies.

1. Data Rich & Ratings

Comprehensive coverage of more than 7,000 managers, 36,000+ strategies and 5,500 environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) rated strategies.

2. Asset Class Specialists

Mercer’s global research boutiques provide investment research across equities, fixed income and liquid alternative asset classes. Access Mercer Private Markets for specialist research across Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Assets.

3. Easy Access

Create factsheets on any strategy at the click of a button. Get an overview of the latest performance, key facts, allocations, Mercer ratings and insights.

4. Better research faster

Access SRC (Strategic Research Community), a finely tuned “one-stop shop” for curated strategic research from across the investment industry. SRC provides a personalised experience to fit your area of interest.


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For more than 15 years, MercerInsight has consistently delivered results for superfunds, insurance firms and wealth managers.
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John Humphries
Principal, Mercer Analytics, Research and Tools, Pacific

Risk management

Is there risky business in your investment operations? We can help you manage, maintain and lower your risk propensity.

Responsible Investment

Generating investment returns and driving sustainability don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Find out why Responsible Investment is the right choice.

wealth and investments

Maximise your investment potential with Mercer’s strategic investment advice and implemented consulting solutions.


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John Humphries
Principal, Mercer Analytics, Research and Tools, Pacific

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