Seeking clarity as we enter a new decade


A number of forces have the potential to radically reshape the investment landscape over the next decade. 2000-2009 brought 9/11, the “tech wreck” and the global financial crisis. 2010-2019 the taper tantrums, polarised politics and the start of the trade wars. 

To help you navigate through 2020 and beyond, our team of local and global experts have addressed the key challenges that are facing the superannuation industrywealth management firmsendowments & foundations and insurers with a vision of keeping it simple in a complicated world.





Superannuation's 10 priorities for 2020


As we begin a new decade, the managers and trustees of Australia’s superannuation funds face many challenges. With these challenges in mind, we’ve set out the top five general priorities for superannuation funds, as well as our top 5 investment priorities.



5 key considerations for Australian wealth management firms in 2020


Seeking clarity as we enter a new decade.


As wealth management firms prepare to enter into a new decade, find out what the five key areas are critical considerations for long-term success in an environment with greater regulatory oversight.




Top 10 investment priorities for Endowments & Foundations


Institutional investors have a lot to consider not just for this year, but for the next decade. Mercer's top investment ideas for E&F clients in 2020 fall into four themes: Protect, Reflect, Capitalise and Organise.



Key investment ideas for insurers for 2020 and beyond


Looking ahead to 2020, we must again consider the implications for insurance companies of a prolonged “lower for longer” environment and stretched valuations.





Shaken or stirred? Top 5 bond ideas for 2020


5 ideas for stirring allocations within existing bond portfolios to enhance return and risk characteristics.



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