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Superannuation Fund Services

Mercer offers a range of quality superannuation fund administration services built on value, service and experience to help build brighter lives for your employees and members. 

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Challenge Accepted

With change, naturally comes challenge. Will super funds now accept these challenges or be left behind?


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Be part of something bigger

Through our award-winning range of products and services, Mercer offers super funds a unique end-to-end outsourcing solution that delivers growth, sustainability and better member outcomes.


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Change or be changed

Meet The Unsupered

Australia’s superannuation system is amongst the best in the world. But we’ve discovered over 930,000 working Australians will contribute nothing to their superannuation balance in 2018. Find out who they are, where they work, and what government, funds and individuals can do.


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Customer experience solutions

Learn how we bring members to life by downloading our customer experience solutions brochure.




Global pension systems


Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2020

Now in its 12th year, the Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index benchmarks 39 retirement income systems using more than 50 indicators. The index has expanded to cover almost two-thirds of the world's population.


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Wealth and Investment consulting

As an industry leading team of specialists, we can help you get the most out of your wealth and investments. 

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MercerInsight® provides a convenient platform with up-to-date data, research and ratings on investment strategies. Simple steps to help you reach the top of your game.


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Investment solutions



2020 vision

To help you navigate through 2020 and beyond, our team of local and global experts have addressed the key challenges that are facing the superannuation industry, wealth management firms, endowments & foundations and insurers.


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No more risky business

Embark on an exciting journey of the mind with Dr Harry Liem as he draws on conversations with 14 influential investment thinkers from across the globe to provide insights into investment management as we enter the Digital Age.


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Investing in a Time of Climate Change - The Sequel

Mercer’s latest climate scenario research and modeling for institutional investors assesses the climate impact and investment returns based on portfolio decisions.


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Outlook 2019 - Global Strategic Investment Research

Stay informed with our take on the latest investment research and best thinking.


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Responsible Investment

Download our free Starter Kit for insights on responsible investment and find out how Mercer's solution model and implementation framework could get your organisation started on its responsible investment journey.


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The new normal

No more risky business

As the 10-year anniversary of the GFC came and went, 2018 saw the return of volatility in the global assets markets. How investors successfully surf this late cycle will depend on a long-term focus.


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Risk and governance


No more risky business

Is it time to assess your investment operations? Explor Mercer’s range Outsourced Due Diligence solutions (ODD).


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Global risks report 2020

The 2020 Global Risks Report covers the top long-term risks you should be looking out for.


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Global risks report 2019

Marsh & McLennan Companies joined with the World Economic Forum and other partners to write the 2019 Global Risk Report which includes global economic and political risks.


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Mercer's Regulation Radar



Workforce, Rewards and Talent

As an industry leading team of specialists, we can help you get the most out of your wealth and investments. 

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New shape of work

Businesses and HR leaders must rapidly adapt and transition their workforce to reflect the new realities of today. So what to do first? Here are five areas you should be focusing on right now.


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Now is the time to reinvent your business


Employee engagement

Fault Lines Research Report

Take the lead in a 100% uncertain world and download our Mercer Fault Lines Research Report to better understand the five key forces shaping the future of work.


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Engagement and Employee Experience solutions

How are you listening to employees during Covid-19? Learn about our engagement and employee experience solutions.


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Risk and governance


Financial Accountability Regime (FAR)

Get the help you need to navigate regulation such as the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) – because it’s drawing closer by the day. 


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The post-Hayne playbook for executive remuneration



2021 Global Talent Trends Report

Hot off the press, Australian-specific talent trends are at your fingertips. Take a deep dive into how Australian organisations are revolutionising their workforces, as well as our recommendations.


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2020 Global Talent Trends Report

Learn how leading companies use knowledge, intuition and empathy to build inclusive prosperity and bright futures in the future of work. Download Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends Study today.


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2020 When Women Thrive




Salary and benefit benchmarking solutions



2020 Sales Incentive Plans

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Our Thinking

Explore our thinking on global events, local trends, and policies affecting todays organisations - from regulatory changes to innovative strategies for health, wealth and career. 



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