2020 has challenged us all. At Mercer, we believe brighter times are ahead. And we’re ready to create them with you.


Together with our clients, we’re defining the new shape of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes in an uncertain world, and unlocking real health and well-being. While times have changed and the world has evolved, our core purpose remains clear: we make a difference in people’s lives. 


Let’s create a brighter future together.





Hear Wendy’s story about building brighter futures for Mercy Super members.



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To me, welcome to brighter is about discovery. It’s discovery that ignites curiosity.
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Wendy Tancred
Chief Executive Officer,  Mercy Super



There’s never been a more important time to work together to make the lives of our clients, colleagues and communities healthier and more sustainable.


As the world around us changes and challenges us, we are keeping our eyes on the future. We’re harnessing the momentum of change and using it to inspire and innovate. A brighter way forward won’t happen by chance, it’s up to us to create it for ourselves and each other. 

Since 1962, Mercy Super has been supporting its community of members and helping them navigate their super journey – from working years through retirement. We’re proud to partner with Mercy Super and help build healthier and more sustainable futures for their members. 


Wendy Tancred | CEO, Mercy Super
Anthony Schiavo | State Manager, Queensland, Mercer




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To me, seeds represent new opportunity. Imagine how bright the world would be if we treated each new day like a fresh, budding seed.
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Barbara Miller
Director, People & Culture, CQUniversity Australia


Welcome to a world where the balance of economics and empathy makes a difference in people’s lives.


For generations, we have provided clients with actionable insights and forward-thinking solutions, and as our global reach and resources have expanded, so have our capabilities. Today, we are proud to lead the way – unleashing the power of people and performance to take our clients forward. 

CQUniversity Australia provides world-class, transformative education and research for students, partners and communities across Australia and internationally. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with CQUniversity Australia, delivering creative solutions to business challenges that make a real difference for their people.


Barbara Miller | Director, People & Culture, CQUniversity Australia




Hear more from our client team


“Bringing people together to build stronger communities starts with us. Who wouldn't want to create a brighter future for generations to come?”


June Soohu
Senior Quality and Continuous Improvement Consultant

“Having worked all over the globe, there’s one thing I’ll never shy away from – diversity makes us all brighter.”


Anthony Schiavo
State Manager, Queensland

“Wellbeing is something unique to everyone. One thing is certain – unlocking a healthier future will make a difference in all our lives.”


Janine Wright
Senior Relationship Manager

“We have the opportunity to contribute to a brighter future. Cycling allows me to care for myself and the environment – our actions make an impact.”


Marcus Carr
Mercer Super Trust State Leader, Victoria




Towards a brighter future: discover the possibilities


Whether you’re looking to build a future-ready workforce, reshape investment and retirement outcomes or modernise health, we’re here to help you through your journey.


Find out more about how we’re building brighter futures.  


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