Mercer LifetimePlus® - Adviser Toolkit

Mercer LifetimePlus® - Adviser Toolkit

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We have created a suite of materials to provide you with on-the-job support and reference guides. The various documents are explained in greater detail below, which you can download as PDFs. New documents will be added and updates will take place from time to time and we recommend you to refer back to this page regularly.

Please note that these documents have been produced for adviser use only and are not to be distributed to retail clients.

Quick reference guide 
A two page summary of key investment features of Mercer LifetimePlus® at your fingertips.

Quick reference - Asset Test guide 
Treatment of Mercer LifetimePlus investments for social security and account based pensions minimum drawdown calculations.

Conversation guide 
We recognise that Mercer LifetimePlus is a unique investment and a first of its kind. We have created this conversation guide to support to discussions with your clients on explaining longevity risk and Mercer LifetimePlus. It contains key demographic trends on life expectancies, retiree longevity risk research insights, a step-by-step guide on explaining Mercer LifetimePlus and a comprehensive FAQs section for questions that your clients might ask you. 

Case studies 
The case studies in this document provide a high level illustration of the expected cash flows that arise from account based pensions with different configurations of Mercer LifetimePlus. It compares scenarios such as investing more vs less, investing now vs later, and investing with partner provisions. 

Longevity Product Comparison 
Contains a case study comparing Mercer LifetimePlus with various longevity risk protection products such as lifetime and variable annuities. This guide also compares certain product features and risks of different longevity products. . 

You can use the sample member booklets below to assist you to  explain longevity risk and Mercer LifetimePlus® to your clients.

Longevity Risk Booklet
This booklet helps to explain the costs that your client can expect to incur in retirement and realise the importance of managing longevity risk. This is useful to open up a conversation about longevity risk with your clients.

Product Booklet
Explains how Mercer LifetimePlus can enhance your client’s account-based  pension and provide them an income for life. The Product Booklet can be  provided to your client in addition to the Longevity Risk Booklet. It contains a case study and explains the features of Mercer LifetimePlus.

Member Booklet
A combination of the Longevity Risk Booklet and the Product Booklet. Suitable for clients who have a good understanding of longevity risk and would like to manage this risk using Mercer LifetimePlus.