Mercer Climate Change Study - Mercer Global

Climate Change Study 2015

June 2015

A new investment risk that demands action by investors



 "...We are excited to share this report with you. It builds on our commitment to revisit our groundbreaking 2011 study and its follow-up paper, Through the Looking Glass, and to accelerate the evolution of climate risk management." 

This study helps address the following investor questions:

• How big a risk/return impact could climate change have on a portfolio, and when might that happen?

• What are the key downside risks and upside opportunities, and how do we manage these considerations to fit within the current investment process?

• What plan of action can ensure an investor is best positioned for resilience to climate change?

The Climate Change Study looks at:

☂ Risk Factors associated with Technological developments, Resource availability, the Impact of a changed climate, and Policy decisions
☂ Scenarios to assist in prioritising actions when faced with uncertainty
☂ Sensitivity to climate change of regions, assets and sectors
☂ Portfolio implications and actions investors

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