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Watch a conversation about the business agenda for the future of work.

Ravin Jesuthasan
Senior Partner and Global Leader for Transformation 


Cynthia Cottrell
Pacific Leader for Workforce Consulting and Digital, Career, Mercer



WEF Collaboration: The Good Work Framework

“When you no longer have the traditional structures to align people to you, the notion of followership becomes much more important. I think this is a really exciting time for the world of work.” Ravin Jesuthasan

Senior Partner and Global Leader for Transformation


The nature of work has been impacted by technological changes, demographic & social shifts, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies navigate these trends and take stock of lessons learned, there is an opportunity to rebuild for a more human-centric, sustainable, and resilient future of workforces. 


Companies are redesigning their people processes and work practices to intentionally mainstream good work across their operations. Our Global Talent Trends show relatable organisations are coming off mute on what they stand for and setting ‘good work’ standards that reflect the values of all their stakeholders.


In collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), our new whitepaper The Good Work Framework: A new business agenda for the future of work shares insights into a Framework enabling good work - comprising five pillars with associated goals to address people issues arising from the trends.

Organisations have an opportunity to re-think how their people work with them in the pursuit of a common purpose.

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    00:35 - Mercer’s partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to deliver The Good Work Framework

    02:08 - How to live up to the promises of The Good Work Framework

    04:19 - Working in partnership: Meet people on their terms

    06:36 – Four-day week: Offering flexibility is only the beginning

    08:44 - When your people are not restricted to a job you can unleash their true potential

    11:23 - A new work operating system for a world without jobs

    13:50 - The new leadership muscle required for the future of work

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Good Work Framework

Forward-thinking organisations are reinventing themselves under the new shape of work as responsible, innovative employers making proactive commitments to such goals with corresponding measures that show meaningful progress. Now is the time to raise the bar to be more relevant by making good work a reality when transforming, leading to positive outcomes for both business and society.

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