A real opportunity to rethink work and culture

Whether we call it the Great Resignation, the Great Re-alignment, the Great Transition… the truth is that the current sentiment among employees is that it is time for change. For employers, it means that it is time to rethink their decisions around the what, where, when, and the why of work.


An overwhelming number of HR leaders attended our recent panel discussion and many of them reported that their organisations are intent on making change and some are looking for how to start this great opportunity to reconfigure work and culture.


Getting ready for change and being able to adapt your company culture and reconfigure work in your organisation should be the top priority of every business. A great way to start is by listening to your people and turning their insights into action. This is a truly human centred approach that draws in the unique perspectives of your employees to guide the process and together figure out how to embrace the Great Resignation as an opportunity.

HR Leaders talk about the Great Resignation


15-minute conversations from the webinar:

3-min video: highlights from the webinar

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Key takeaways from our host and panelists:

Cynthia Cottrell, Pacific Leader for Workforce Consulting and Digital, Career, Mercer:

“Skills are the new currency.” Work has become more complex, agile, and fluid in the last 18 months. The need to invest in continuous learning to upskill and reskill for future roles and to help employees grow in areas that bring meaningful value, is here to stay.


Kate Stewart, GM Talent, Leadership & Learning, nbn™:

“Employees want to get a sense that organisations value what they value.” They want more than a great employee experience, they want to be recognised as individuals in search of meaning and are looking for employers who will enable them to craft a richer and more purposeful life.


James Mcilvena, Managing Director, LHH:

“Talent needs to be renewable, not replaceable.” Look at the talent you already have first and how you can upskill and reskill them and invest in their “career wellness” – what is relevant to help them grow and develop in their careers.


Graham Almond, Executive Vice President, Chief Officer - People, Culture & Technology, OceanaGold Corporation:

“Leaders who move quicker into being servant leaders are the ones who will win the game at retaining people.” There is a shift toward a new leadership mindset – one that actively seeks to develop employees and align their sense of purpose with the company mission.  These leaders show humility instead of brandishing authority and serve their employees in ways that unlock potential, creativity and sense of purpose. 


Six trends to unlock attraction and retention of talent

Adaptive working:

create a more adaptive style of working that is designed for maximum flexibility, values alignment and embraces learning and skilling. This means deconstructing work to skills and smaller bite sizes and creates much more agility to get the work done.


Organisations are seeking ways to set pay based on employee skills (including cognitive and behavioural skills) rather than the traditional job, leading to dynamic AI-based pricing models being developed in the market.

Learning and Skills Strategy:

Organisations need to determine key investment for strategic skills versus other skills and build their skills strategy into the workforce plans and then focus their learning efforts strategically.

Personalised Rewards:

Utilising technology, organisations are seeking to provide a selection of deals across the total rewards spectrum from which individual employees are able to select what suits and resonates with them. Moving beyond one size fits all.

Employee experience and culture:

Organisations can deeply set their listening strategy and respond with pace to adapt continuously to changing and emerging trends and feedback to listen, respond and nurture its team.

Talent and leadership accelerators:

Organisations can drive exponential leadership expertise to lead not only by craft but importantly by heart in the era of the employee centric experience.

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