Webinars to inspire purpose and deliver on the sustainability agenda. 

The social and economic upheaval precipitated by the pandemic has brought sustainability to the fore. Customers and investors are increasing their focus on sustainable business practices and employees are choosing organisations whose values match their own. Becoming sustainable is the only way forward.


In this webinar series, sustainability and workforce experts across Mercer and the industry, will share insights and practical actions around organisation design, talent, reward and the employee experience to help your organisation achieve its sustainability goals.

Organisations need more than good intentions to achieve their sustainability goals. They need to organise for sustainability.

Ephraim Patrick, Partner, Workforce Transformation

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Webinar 1: Organising for sustainability


Learn how to design operating models and jobs for a sustainable future.

Webinar 2: How to put your people at the heart of sustainability


Learn how to create a thriving organisation with ‘people sustainability’ at the heart of your strategy.

Organising for sustainability


Sustainability expectations are evolving, and organisations are under pressure to step up. Mercer explores five dimensions of organisational design that are key to delivering on your sustainability goals.

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