The great resignation: Fact or fiction?

In this conversation, our host and panelists talk about the shifting nature and diminishing life span of skills, demand for critical capabilities, talent movement across industries, lessons you can learn from other markets, and what you can do to optimise the talent you already have.

The Great Resignation - Part 1: How to adapt your strategy to stem the talent exodus


Cynthia Cottrell

Pacific Leader for Workforce Consulting and Digital, Career, Mercer



James Mcilvena
Managing Director,


Graham Almond
Executive Vice President, Chief Officer - People, Culture & Technology, OceanaGold Corporation




Kate Stewart
GM Talent, Leadership & Learning,



Highlights from the conversation: 


“I do think that talent movement is a good thing for skills and infusion across the industry, and across multiple industries. However that demand is having an impact on retention.” Kate Stewart


“The ability to look at what talent you already have and figuring out how you can effectively redeploy people, is critical.” James Mcilvena


“One thing that that we're finding on the ground, is that a big driver of turnover is about being treated as a human in the workplace.” Graham Almond