Reskill, upskill, and renew to reduce turnover

In this conversation, our host and panelists talk about the opportunity to refresh your employee value proposition (EVP), how to find a balanced approach to hybrid work, the difference between reskilling and upskilling, and the importance of learning and development.

The Great Resignation - Part 2: How to become a destination of choice


Cynthia Cottrell

Pacific Leader for Workforce Consulting and Digital, Career, Mercer



James Mcilvena
Managing Director,


Graham Almond
Executive Vice President, Chief Officer - People, Culture & Technology, OceanaGold Corporation




Kate Stewart
GM Talent, Leadership & Learning,



Highlights from the conversation: 


“We want people to get together and connect for those really key moments that matter.” Kate Stewart


“Talent needs to be seen as renewable, not replaceable. Do your level best to retain the talent in the first place.” James Mcilvena


“Leaders who move quicker into being servant leaders are the ones who will win the game at retaining people.”  Graham Almond

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