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Hiring for the Future? 4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent



May 01, 2018


Want to know the ins and outs of attracting today’s top candidates? Following the release of Mercer's 2018 Global Talent Trends Study, our Talent Strategy Leader Ephraim Patrick, sat down with Workplace Info to answer key questions Australian HR Leaders are asking about how to appeal to the best.

Are candidates shopping for the “best deal?”


Of course! And they should! But that means different things to different people. For some people money, for others a 9-5 job and security, and for others challenge and growth. Understand it to pitch it, otherwise you waste your time and the candidate’s time. Money is a hygiene factor. 


How can a company become attractive to money-focused employees when we can’t afford to pay the top rate?


You don’t attract them. There are a huge amount of domains out there where people are initially driven by wealth. But many people are working in a post-wealth creation phase and they really want to be connected for a sense of purpose. For instance, investment managers working in the superannuation industry. 


Don’t assume the skills you are looking for are only linked to people in the wealth creation-focused phase of their careers. 


What is causing the talent “drought”? 


Ageing population, immigration laws and IR laws. There is a shift in skills around, for example deeply human jobs and cybersecurity jobs. Demography is also a factor. 


What advice in the way of training would you recommend to someone starting in HR?


There has never been a more exciting time to be in HR because the paradigm is fundamentally shifting. Organisations are broadening their ways and views of how they engage. Everything is up for grabs. You must provide thought leadership. What is the new world of work? How is it shifting? Understand digital. The speed of change is exponential and there is a massive need to help leaders embrace change. They need to reinvent themselves to reinvent the business. You need to have empathy and understand human needs.

Disrupt yourself! HR is at the core of that challenge. 

Never ever has there been so much data before! As a HR leader you need to embrace what data is available and better understand how it can be applied. Be a designer. Create human-centred experiences. Create consumer-grade experiences for employees. Create moments. What do you want people to think/feel/do?


This is the stuff you really need:


  • thought leadership
  • coaching
  • data analytics
  • human-centred design thinking


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This article was originally published on Workplace Info by Amber Jacobs.


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