A holistic approach to your EVP: look after the career wellness of your people

In this conversation, our host and panelists talk about the different demographics in their workforces today, the key personas fuelling the great resignation, how different life stages affect employment choices, and the importance of looking after the career wellness of your people.

The Great Resignation - Part 3: Five employee personas driving the great resignation


Cynthia Cottrell

Pacific Leader for Workforce Consulting and Digital, Career, Mercer



James Mcilvena
Managing Director,


Graham Almond
Executive Vice President, Chief Officer - People, Culture & Technology, OceanaGold Corporation




Kate Stewart
GM Talent, Leadership & Learning,



Highlights from the conversation: 


“What attracts people and gets them in the door may not be the same as what keeps them there.” Kate Stewart


“I really think the EVP of companies is going to change. It's going to be tested.” Graham Almond


“We’re seeing shortened times for people to find a new role - in some instances by months.” James Mcilvena


“Skills are the new currency.” Cynthia Cottrell

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