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4 Employee Benefit Trends To Watch Out For



We reveal the top 4 key issues every organisation needs to get right when it comes to employee benefits.


The future of work is here and maintaining an engaged workforce while staying competitive to attract top talent is critical. Employee benefits have more than ever become a cutting-edge tool organisations should be using to stand out and attract, retain and engage their workforce.

“70% of organisations have a formal health & wellness policy in place”, 2019 Australian Benefits Review.

Australian benefit programs continue to evolve with the rise of innovative and personalised offerings. With a shifting focus from cost effective packages to a customised offering - in 2019 we’ve moved away from traditional benefits to create an employee experience that supports overall employee well-being. Promoting a healthy and engaged workforce ready to drive business results is the main focus for organisations moving forward.

In today's multi-generational workforce, creating inclusive benefits that target your workforce as a whole is essential. Step one is to understand your people by gathering insights through data on all your employees, segmented by demographic, needs, interests, and more.

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Four ways to stay ahead

The 2019 Australian Benefits Review reveals what key issues every organisation needs to get right when it comes to employee benefits. Download the 4 trends now.


Want to learn more about trends specific to your industry, compare the market and gain a deeper insight into what top employers are doing? The 2019 Australian Benefits Review is out now, visit the product page.



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