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81% of organisations globally report that improving diversity and inclusion is high on their agenda.
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When Women Thrive offers an evidence-based approach to diversity and inclusion. For our 2020 global report, we surveyed more than 1,150 companies in 54 countries, representing over seven million employees worldwide. Uncover the active measures you can take to advance your organisation’s D&I programs, policies and culture and — most critically — achieve real results.

The When Women Thrive 2020 global report, Let’s Get Real About Equality, builds upon our seminal 2014 and 2016 research and examines the achievements made to date and the ground yet to cover. Learnings from this research will help guide your organisation through the step required to successfully institutionalise the policies, practices and programs that will help ensure equality of opportunity, experience and pay — and ultimately nurture an inclusive culture.  


What’s new in 2020? 


Discover bright spots that demonstrate forward momentum with the potential for lasting impact. One example: hiring, promotion and retention rates of women are finally comparable to those of men across all career levels. In this report, learn where we have made progress and where we still have room to grow, including new data and insights on: 


  • Representation and talent flows by gender and career level 
  • Representation by race/ethnicity and career level 
  • D&I strategy, accountability and transparency 
  • Senior leadership and manager engagement 
  • Pay equity commitments and analysis 
  • Career advancement 
  • Flexible working 
  • Health and financial wellness 
  • Technology to enhance D&I efforts


Regardless of what stage an organisation is at, Mercer has defined active measures it can take to advance a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. In addition to data and insights, the When Women Thrive 2020 global report offers organisations practical actions they can take to make true and lasting progress. 


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