Embracing disruption

The unpredictable conditions of 2020 exposed vulnerabilities in almost all sectors across the globe. Particularly for not-for-profits, increasing funding and market pressures meant investors needed to quickly pivot their investment objectives and implement downside risk strategies.


Despite challenging environments, the question for not-for-profits is how to develop a portfolio that will not only withstand instability, but also incorporate investment strategies that will endure. When it comes to the workforce, it’s about taking a meaningful approach to the future of work and employee engagement.


In a COVID-normal world, now’s the time to take advantage of a brighter future – one that embraces disruption with open arms. Read our full report to see how not-for-profit investors are making their investments and workforces fit for purpose. 

About the survey

Gaining insights from 19 investors with total assets of AU $8 billion in the not-for-profit sector, this is a special edition survey for 2020/21. The results of this survey intends to provide valuable insights and uncover key trends influencing the sector - both investments and the workforce – in a post-pandemic world.



The key findings


have heightened attention on ESG considerations in "COVID-normal" environment.


of respondents expect no change in spending levels in 2021 and beyond, though 56% expect it to be more difficult to obtain new funding and donations.


of E&F investors don’t expect to revise their investment objective in the next 12 months.


of E&Fs saw considerable or significant change in their ways of working as a result of COVID.

What should not-for-profit investors consider in a post-pandemic world? 


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Elizabeth Paine
Senior Investment Consultant 

Craig Hughes 
Endowments and Foundations Leader 

Daniel Czaczun 
Institutional Wealth Analyst 

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