2020 Super Fund Executive Survey Report l Mercer Australia

2020 Super Fund Executive Survey Report l Mercer Australia

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Change or Be Changed: 2020 Super Fund Executive Report
Calendar05 June 2017

How well are Australian super funds taking charge of their future?

Our $2.2 trillion industry is at a turning point. Disruptive technologies, demographic shifts, changing member expectations, and financial and regulatory pressures are all converging on the superannuation industry to create a unique set of issues that funds must try and manage.

We sat down with Australian fund executives to find out what keeps them up at night as they plan for the future and attempt to solve an expanding list of challenges. The findings reveal an industry somewhat frozen in the face of external pressures. At a critical moment in time, this begs the question – if funds are not willing to change themselves, will someone else change them?

In Change or Be Changed’ Mercer’s 2020 Super Fund Executive Report, you will find out:

  • Where funds are looking for growth
  • How funds see consolidation impacting them
  • How they assess themselves
  • Their thoughts on government and regulation
  • What funds worry about the most
  • Opinions on retention, investment returns, scale and much more
  Change or be Changed Mercer's 2020 Super Fund Executive Survey Report
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