Our Outsourcing Solutions l Mercer Australia

Our Outsourcing Solutions l Mercer Australia

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Calendar05 June 2017

We recognise that no two superannuation funds are the same and offer an end-to-end outsourcing solution that is tailored to each fund’s need.

By combining the delivery of multiple business segments, Mercer can create cost savings of between 20-50% per annum, through a leading-edge capability across customer service, marketing, digital, administration, investments and beyond.      

In an industry where scale counts, Mercer’s outsourcing solutions are helping funds be part of something bigger.

Mercer Growth Solutions

  • Customer Service and Sales

    Understand your customers and build stronger relationships to compete with other funds and disruptors.
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  • Customer Marketing Communications and Analytics

    Be a step ahead, maximise ROI and create loyal customers by acting on and even anticipating their needs.
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  • Digital Services Capabilities

    Be everywhere your customers are, delivering exceptional and accessible digital experiences on any device.
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  • Financial Advice Capabilities

    Deliver instant personal advice online and get in front of the shift towards digital scaled advice solutions.
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  • Super Administration

    Achieve higher customer satisfaction, retention and fund growth with our people-focussed admin solutions.
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  • Investment Solutions

    Access an unparalleled breadth of global investment strategy to match your fund’s requirements.
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