Mercer Super Trust Website Enhancements l Mercer Australia

Mercer Super Trust Website Enhancements l Mercer Australia

Mercer Super Trust Update

A process of continual improvement

In August 2016, Mercer launched a ground-breaking new website for its flagship superannuation fund, Mercer Super Trust. We spoke to Digital Platforms Leader, Mike Welsh about the project’s journey and what improvements will be made in 2017.

Any employer would agree that encouraging employees to engage with their superannuation is a significant challenge. The Mercer Super Trust website represents a first for the superannuation market for being a user-centric, mobile first and fully interactive experience that is designed to make members more engaged with their retirement journey. Combining the analytics capability of Mercer Edge with simplified user journeys, the site replaces the old “transaction based” ways of interaction with one that meets members in their personalised, on-demand digital world so superannuation can become more relevant. 

As Mike Welsh explains, “People want to be able to do things digitally. They want to see what’s going on with their finances daily. Superannuation statements were these things that arrived once a year and you had a quick glance and you put it in your drawer and moved on. What we’re trying to achieve with our website is to make people more engaged with their super so they will interact more frequently and get better financial outcomes.”

However, as with any digital endeavour, there is no “end state” to the process and since launch the team has been busy analysing client and member feedback to identify ways to improve the website. “The most significant lessons we’ve learned since going live is that there were key capabilities in the old site that were more important to members than we realised,” Mike says. “But we’ve listened and we are now in the process of getting those back.”

These enhancements will be phased throughout 2017 and begin in May-June with the re-introduction of a member’s ability to view their transaction history between chosen dates, export their history into other document formats and see a greater level of detail in their account transaction history. However, in keeping with the team’s forward-thinking approach, these enhancements won’t be a simple return to the old version. Mike Welsh again, “Overall, we’re very confident that our original intent and approach we’ve taken is right. In reinstating some features and capabilities that were removed, we’ll be doing so in a way that leverages our team’s skills to truly bring features back to life with a better customer experience.”

Over the coming months, the team also plans to make it easier for members to view their account summary and to review their investment performance returns over time. In addition, the website will also incorporate better ways to integrate Mercer’s fact-insight-action framework into multiple member journeys. ‘Fact’ being a member’s balance, ‘insight’ being how they are tracking towards a comfortable retirement and ‘action’ being a retirement simulator that allows people to decide what actions to take and what impact that’ll have on their super.

Beyond the scheduled improvements for 2017, Mike also has some exciting features planned ongoing. “We’re looking into the digitisation of forms that are currently only available in print and also developing a simplified, stengthened login process that better aligns with members’ expectations of an online experience.” In addition, the Mercer Super Trust site will continue to expand its digital advice capabilities, bringing to life a mobile first experience, whereby members would complete online questionnaires to receive advice relevant to their individual circumstances and life stage.

Most importantly, the new website is seen by Mike and his team as a significant and ongoing project for Mercer and clients, rather than a finished body of work. “We will continue to make improvements that align with client needs and create personalised engagement so employees enjoy better retirement outcomes”.

For more information about this project or the Mercer Super Trust, please contact your Mercer representative.


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